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Szymon Hołownia on the government’s fight against the pandemic: Saliva and string. They run like a headless chicken two weeks after the virus

We had to use my last name so that Poland 2050 would go higher in recognition as soon as possible. When we do research that shows that this process is complete, we will detach my name – says the Guest of Radio ZET, when asked about the party he is establishing – Poland 2050 by Szymon Hołownia

Hołownia adds that he does not need his surname “to rub the name of the party into the statute now” with his first and last name. – I don’t need it for anything. It’s just that we did research, which showed us that by how much 98 percent. people in Poland associate me with the project of running for president, only 50 percent. associates Poland 2050 with me – explains Szymon Hołownia. He emphasizes that he will act as a founding member and that the organization of this body will be taken care of by Michał Kobosko. – I am the leader of the whole movement in which there are strategies, an association and a political party. Pinching it all up is not a simple thing – says the guest of Beata Lubecka. How long will it take to register the batch? – We assume that it may take several months, even up to a year. Not only because the court will try to find something just because it is covid – comments the guest of Radio ZET.

“For saliva and string”

Szymona Hołownia believes that the rulers are not coping with the pandemic. – They do it for saliva and string, run like a headless chicken 2 weeks after the virus, trying to patch up everything they can – estimates the leader of Poland 2050.

We do not prejudge that there will be elections in spring or September, but we must be ready for all solutions. In my opinion, the probability of early elections is higher than a few or several weeks ago – says the Guest of Radio ZET Szymon Hołownia. According to the leader of Poland by 2050, since the turn of August and September there has been a crisis in the United Right, which was even deepened by Jarosław Kaczyński “by” firing too many fronts at once “. – More and more PiS and ZP deputies will see that this genius of strategy who, 5 moves ahead, covers everything and who can be followed blindly. They will start looking for ways out, they will start to rebel – believes Hołownia. Beata Lubecka’s guest believes that those who are dissatisfied with the ruling coalition may form a parliamentary circle, without which the United Right will not have a majority. – Or maybe Jarosław Gowin will start testing the solution: we will make a technical government with the support of part of the opposition? – comments Szymon Hołownia.

Members’ circle? “I hope before Christmas.” Transfers? “It’s not a bakery”

It doesn’t go slow, but it’s not a bakery. We don’t have to rush to deliver warm bread to the counter – says the Guest of Radio ZET Szymon Hołownia, asked in the Internet part of the program about Sejm transfers to Poland 2050. – We are talking to many parliamentarians, but none of these talks have yet ended with decisions – he comments.

When is the parliamentary circle? – I hope before Christmas – Hołownia replies and adds that he is “burned” by Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski. – If he puts the wheel in front of me, it will be a difficult emotional or ambitious nut to crack. We have to get ahead of him – says the Guest of Radio ZET.

When asked by the listener what he lives on, Hołownia talks about several sources of income. – One of them is the royalties from books I wrote in my life 20. Thank God, I am quite marketable as an author. I’m writing a campaign book now. I earn 5,100 zlotys in the Polska Od Nowa foundation. Sometimes I am also invited to various types of lectures, readings and lectures – he lists.

When asked about the party, Beata Lubecka’s guest does not rule out taking a loan for it.

“Jesus Christ was controversial, but at least he knew how to deal with people”

We have such a disease in politics in Poland that we state the fact, write a prescription, then hang it on a tree and adore it. We discuss, we argue. You have to get a prescription and take medications. Church and state must be separated – evaluates Szymon Hołownia in the Internet part of the program “Guest of Radio ZET”. In his opinion, “the Church must show that it is an absolute specialist in hope and not in fostering fears.” – Until this changes, nothing will change. Of course they will refer to Jesus Christ, who was controversial, but at least knew how to deal with people – comments the leader of Poland 2050. According to Hołownia, there has not been such a massive and loud denunciation of obedience to the Church in Poland.

“Enormous psychological burden …”

When asked about the restrictions introduced by the government during the pandemic, Szymon Hołownia replies: – I am not saying that churches should be closed now, because there is a huge psychological and spiritual burden for some of what we are going through today – social loneliness.… . – But why not leave cultural institutions open in the same manner? – adds the Guest of Radio ZET.



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