at the Padua hospital the extraordinary combined heart-kidney multiple surgery

A world first: cardiac surgeons, urologists and anesthetists plan and perform a combined multiple surgery that is unprecedented in the literature. Surgical interventions In fact, the execution of two different …

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Blood donation Biarritz August 28

Where Sang Biarritz Maison du don 28 August. Reserves are on the decline. On Tuesday August 28, before or after the beach, go through the Maison du don in ….

Lower blood pressure naturally: home remedies for high blood pressure

Around 35 million people in Germany suffer from high blood pressure, according to the German Hypertension League. However, drugs are not always absolutely necessary for treatment. Some foods can lower …

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If you exercise it is very important that you check your heart

José Antonio De La Chica, a specialist in Cardiac Imaging, highlights that “vigorous physical exercise maintained throughout the months causes adaptive changes in the heart.” MEXICO CITY. Dr. José Antonio …

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very cheap and long-known drugs help save the lungs with coronavirus

Cloving hospital on the basis of the Medical Scientific and Educational Center (ISSC) Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov took the first patients on April 21 and completed his work …

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“Never in our resuscitation department we had received 34 patients with the same symptoms”

D-18. The patient in room 172 has been fighting the Covid-19 for the last eighteen days. Intubated and ventilated, the man is 52 years old. Several probes gravitate around his …

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