Tangle on the bench


There have been no sports conflicts in Las Rozas in recent months, and that is news in the house of trouble. All the controversy now splashes to the offices, with the thousand open fronts that Rubiales has, and the selection transits through a period of atypical peace, without even the debates of the goal being important or who will be the "9" when the Time of truth. There is still a lot left for Eurocup and Spain, although it complies, it still does not dazzle as before, and the qualification stages are also difficult to digest with less demanding parties like Friday's against Malta.

Posts to scratch to talk about something, the Federation itself has sought a rather unnecessary entanglement about the continuity of Robert Moreno, coach without hours of flight that came the opportunity of his life for a fatality (the disease of Luis's daughter Enrique, now deceased, and the subsequent resignation of the Spaniard). It was the bet of Rubiales and José Francisco Molina, sports director, since they understood that it was the continuity option of a trip that began just after the pathetic World Cup in Russia. After all, Moreno had spent a decade as Luis Enrique's assistant, so the methods and ideas would be more or less similar

Once the classification is completed, the logical question about Moreno's renewal arose, as it is tradition in the house, at least in the era of Ángel María Villar, that the technician's contract be extended when he gets the ticket for the tournament in turn. Evasive, "today does not touch" and empty answers not to face a topic that begins to acquire dyes of controversy, curiously fed from the RFEF itself and by Rubiales himself.

The president, in the mixed zone, was asked directly about the issue twice and wasted the opportunity to settle the matter with: «Yes, Moreno will be our coach in the Eurocup». Because it is no longer questioning whether it will continue beyond the event of next summer, now there are those who point to the option of betting on another coach with more experience. «There are rules that remain and others that do not. There is a department that is led by Molina and when he finishes the qualification he will tell me, we will talk and see what is done, if something needs to be done. We have one game left and then we have plenty of time to think, ”the president argued. By the way, Rubiales renewed Julen Lopetegui as soon as he reached office, an award precisely for his good role in the qualifying phase for the happy World Cup in Russia. «I fully support Molina and her ideas are those of the Federation. We have a game left and then we have plenty of time to think, to reflect and there we will act and see what we do, ”he justified in the second instance.

Unnecessary mess

Already this newspaper, in October, raised the issue and from the Federation explained that there was no issue, that the coach is Robert Moreno and that it will be until new order. They also now argue that there is no controversy, but the truth is that there is an unnecessary mess based on Rubiales' words and that escape when a "yes" was enough. Meanwhile, Moreno, who does not like this conflict at all, resigns and begins to understand in the first person how the business works. "If someone does not want me to be in the European Championship it will be that I am not doing my job well," he said in Cádiz.

Today, in the previous duel against Romania in the Wanda, he will appear before the media and will be asked about it, being his predictable answer. It is not up to him, of course, but he is not ratified by those who must do it, so it is logical to discuss the matter. With perspective on what may happen, in the offices of Las Rozas the names of Marcelino García Toral, that of Ernesto Valverde (still in Barça, sound but will take for granted that it will be his last course at the Camp Nou) and Luis Enrique, as long as the Spaniard chooses to return to the benches. . (tagsToTranslate) tangle (t) national team (t)


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