Teddy Riner renounces World Championships


Despite his winning return to Montreal, the French judoka decided not to compete in the next world championships in Japan.

Teddy Riner hesitated and finally, he made his decision by closing "definitely" the door to a participation in the Worlds, the day after his victorious recovery at the Montreal Grand Prix after 20 months without competition. "The Worlds, no," said the double Olympic champion, who said last week that the door was "very very wide open" for participation in the World Championships, when he returned to Roissy airport. which will take place from August 24th to September 1st. "We still have to work, I'm not ready," said Teddy Riner, whose goal is to clinch a third Olympic title next year in Tokyo. "And then more importantly, tomorrow is the internship in Houlgate (Normandy) with the internationals. And then it's going to be a lot of training and preparation and maybe tournaments in the summer. "

"Now you have to give yourself time. There is still a year to prepare well and especially to go back to work. "

Teddy Riner

The man with the ten world titles, who had already skipped the Worlds 2018, finally remains at its initial program. His success against references such as the Czech Lukas Krpalek or the Japanese Hisayoshi Harasawa, the same one he had beaten in the final of the last Olympic Games in Rio in 2016, did not encourage him to take the risk of aligning himself in Tokyo. His coach Franck Chambily had also repeated last week that he was "not too hot" to participate in the 2019 edition, preferring that he focuses on the preparation of the 2020 Olympics also organized in the Japanese capital.

In the meantime, for his return to competition Sunday in Montreal after a year and a half of absence, Riner, 30, has brought to 148 his series of vertiginous consecutive wins since September 2010. The French said he was "very happy" of this rehearsal tournament, even if he still has to find "his judo sensations in competition. The physical condition was at the rendezvous and the mind did not move apparently. Now we must allow ourselves time. There is still a year to prepare well and especially go back to work. I still think I can get an Olympic title in Tokyo. As long as I do not have this third gold medal, I will not stop. The objective is that and I do not forget it, I keep it in a corner of my head. I have one year left to give everything, one year to get this medal. "

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