Telecom: 5G bids pushed back to March 2020


The ignition delay is confirmed for the French 5G. The authorities had to set the end of September the rules of the game to allocate frequencies to operators. But weeks go by and telecom operators do not see anything coming. That the regulator who tackles and the undulating government.

Inevitably, this initial delay shifts all the ambitious tricolor calendar in the matter. According to our information, confirming that of Reuters, the auction of frequencies 5G will finally not take place before March – three months after the scheduled date – for a minimum stake of operators around 1.5 billion euros.

Tense negotiations

The actual bill will depend on
the size of the initial block of frequency

    – between 50 and 60 MHz – allocated against a fixed amount which could be between 250 and 300 million euros for each operator. Then will be added to this initial deposit the proceeds of the auction itself, on the balance of 310 MHz available.

According to several sources, the details of the financial arrangements should be provided by the government in the coming days. " Negotiations were very tense between Arcep and Bercy, assures a connoisseur of the file. Sebastien Soriano [the president of Arcep, Ed] really wet the shirt to prevent the government from maximizing revenue. "

Given the delay taken on this first step, the commercial launch of 5G by Orange, SFR, Bouygues and Free can not be done before the summer. Which does not crush the operators too much. Strongly committed financially in
the deployment of optical fiber

    and 4G, they are in no hurry to have a big check to Bercy or spend millions of euros in antennas of last generation.

The return of the "Huawei" question

On the other hand, the industrialists would like to finally know to which sauce they will be eaten. " Investing is planningLast week, Arthur Dreyfuss, president of the French Telecom Federation, was hammering home during a hearing in the Senate. When you invest 10 billion euros a year, it's not for six months, but for ten years. We need clarity. For now, the sector knows neither the final terms of frequency allocation, nor the floor price set by Bercy … or even if it will be possible to use the antennas of Chinese Huawei.

More than frequencies, this question "Huawei" is again the first concern of operators. To do without the Chinese manufacturer would pose the risk of a financial earthquake, even more formidable than unrestricted auctions according to many observers. And
the words of Emmanuel Macron

    last week in "The Economist" rocked the "telcos".

" We understand, the last public statements of the President of the Republic that there would still be a debate on the equipment manufacturers Arthur Dreyfuss was grieving in front of the senators. As long as there is a doubt about which equipment manufacturer we can use or not, we can not predict our investments… "


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