Telekom, Vodafone, Telefónica: Big "Connect" test: Which mobile network is the best? Ironically O2 surprised


Where is the best and fastest Internet available? Which provider has the most stable telephony? And how does the performance in problem cases such as in the countryside or on the train? These questions arise "Connect" from year to year, if the German mobile networks once again prove in the big test of the magazine. And a lot has happened since last year.

The ranking of the three providers Telekom, Vodafone and Telefónica has initially changed nothing: Telekom is in the overall result, still clearly ahead, can even decide each one of the major sub-points for themselves. Close following but already Vodafone. The biggest jump is the Telefónica: After the O2 network was punished just two years ago as "sufficient", it is now like that of Vodafone "good" .LTE Nachdreh_9.20

This has improved all providers – even though "Connect" attracts the evaluation criteria every year. In order to evaluate the networks, "Connect" travels nearly 10,000 kilometers by car and by train through Germany. In addition, testers visit special conurbations on foot, such as pedestrian zones, airports and public transport. For some years now, "Connect" uses special apps to evaluate the reception and Internet speed of hundreds of thousands of smartphones from private users. This "crowdsourcing" test area now contributes one-fifth of the overall grade, the most important category being mobile data (48 percent) followed by telephony (32 percent).

The return of O2

For the Telefónica the result is despite the third place a triumph. After the merger of O2 and E-Plus, the group was far too busy to integrate the networks, many customers complained of failures and crashes, even described the group as a "scrap dealer". These times have apparently left behind successfully. O2 customer complaints 10.20

If you look at the results, the picture differs slightly from the clear overall result. Although the Telekom performs best in all three categories. She was able to score above all in language and crowdsourcing, and she is stagnating in terms of data, albeit at a high level. Vodafone, on the other hand, was able to improve in all areas. The Telefónica can score especially in crowdsourcing: Surprisingly, the O2 customers in the cities have the fastest Internet in the test. In the country, however, the Telefónica lags further behind.

In any case, the network is the best in the cities, as it has been in recent years, even in small towns, the nets are slightly worse, the weakest in the country as usual. The big Achilles heel of the mobile service providers is still the train journey: There were improvements in the train, but the performance is not really good at any of the providers. And video streaming is simply no fun with success rates of 60 to 80 percent.

The complete test including an interactive network coverage map can be found at

source: Connect


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