Ten-point paper: Food industry: Changes in the Nutri score demanded


The food industry is calling for changes to the proposed new labeling Nutri-Score.

The food association Germany demands that for a successful introduction "currently existing contradictions" for the well-being and protection of customers and companies would have to be dissolved. In a ten-point paper states, among other things, currently all rights are with the French health authority. In order to map all eating habits in Europe, the sovereignty should be given to a higher European institution.

Federal Nutrition Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) had decided after a long dispute over a clearer labeling for sugar, fat and salt on the system originating from France. In the meantime, it has launched a regulation aimed at creating the legal framework for the voluntary use of the logo for finished products.

Nutri score includes sugar, fat and salt as well as recommended ingredients such as fiber or protein in an overall score and then gives a single score on a five-point scale from "A" on dark green field for the most favorable balance over a yellow one «C» to a red «E» for the worst. The applicable field is highlighted.

The food association also demands several changes in the calculation bases of this evaluation. For example, the favorable fruit and vegetable content of the Nutri-Score should include not only rapeseed, olive, and walnut oil, but more recommended vegetable oils. Potatoes should also be considered.

In the food industry, there are different positions to the Nutri score. Several major manufacturers are in favor of the logo. The first products are already on sale in German supermarkets. Some retailers have announced plans to introduce labeling for at least some of their own brands. The new logo is meant to complement the EU-wide mandatory nutritional chart, which is usually printed in small print on the back of packs.


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