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Testimony of United Airlines Passengers When the Plane Spreads Smoke and Debris Falls Page all

DENVER, KOMPAS.com – Passengers of the Boeing 777 can see from behind the window “something is wrong” with the plane they are on. There are debris of the plane falling.

On Saturday (21/2/2021), a Boeing 777 jet aircraft with a Pratt & Whitney 4000 series engine suffered engine failure after taking off from Denver to Honolulu.

The engine caught fire, scattering wreckage in a residential area near Denver, Colorado.

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A passenger recorded the moment, showing the starboard engine burning and the outer layer (casing) peeling off.

Launch from BBC On Monday (22/2/2021), Brenda Dohn sat on the right side of the Boeing 777 that was going to take him to Han Honolulu.

However, shortly after take-off came the sound of an explosion from his plane.

“You can feel it like an explosion, and you can hear it, and then we (the passengers) feel the shock,” Dohn told BBC.

He looked out the window, checked what had happened, after he saw that there was smoke from outside, and he realized “something was wrong.”

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“I saw the wreckage of the plane flying from where we were sitting,” it said.

He was not sure what happened to the plane he was in, but he only hoped, “We can get off (from the plane) soon.”

Kirby Klements, an eyewitness, said at first he and his family heard a loud bang, but did not think much of it.

However, they heard another loud boom.

He looked out the front window of his house, and just then “a machine hit a tree.”

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“The plane landed on my truck, destroyed it and then crashed,” he said.

Broomfield Police Department spokeswoman Rachel Welte confirmed that many of the surrounding community heard a very loud explosion, which shocked them.

“After that, they started seeing what they all thought was wreckage falling from the sky,” he explained.

A Boeing 777 from United Airlines flight Denver to Honolulu carrying 231 passengers and 10 crew finally landed safely at Denver International Airport.

There were no reported injuries in the incident.

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After the plane crash in Denver, on Sunday (21/2/2021), United Airlines announced that 24 Boeing 777 planes were temporarily removed from the flight service list.

The move comes as a “precautionary measure”, in line with a call from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) calling for an increase in inspections.

“We reviewed all the safety data available after yesterday’s incident,” said FAA Administrator Steve Dickson, as reported CNN on Monday (22/2/2021).

He was referring to a United Airlines flight that was forced to return to Denver International Airport on Saturday (20/2/2021), after experiencing engine failure shortly after take-off and causing debris to fall.

“Based on preliminary information, we conclude that the examination interval should be increased for hollow fan blades which is unique to this engine model, which is only used on Boeing 777 aircraft, “said Dickson.

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