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The anti-covid weapon from Mainz – morning briefing

Good morning dear readers,

have you ever had of Biontech belongs? Probably not. But now it is Mainz biotechnology company World famous in one fell swoop – because the Paul Ehrlich Institute authorized him to test a vaccine against Covid-19 on 200 people together with the US partner Pfizer. Company founder Ugur Sahin expects the first interim results at the end of June and approval – if successful – not before 2021.

Biontech belongs now Moderna (USA) and Cansino Biologics (China) among the pioneers among 80 Covid-19 vaccination projects worldwide, is analyzed by our medicine man Siegfried Hofmann in the current cover story. Biontech’s stock temporarily rose by almost 50 percent on Tuesday, and the company is now worth almost ten billion euros. Mainz, how it researches and laughs.

Top investor Klaus Hommels, Founder of the Lake Star Fund, knows everything about gimmicks and Quirks of the financial market. Therefore, listen carefully if he likes government aid for listed companies Tui and Adidas criticized. Here there are loans for companies, which could also simply make a capital increase, in which then mostly foreign shareholders would have to go along, says the capital professional in the Handelsblatt interview. “With the corporations we protect foreign investors”, continues Mosel Hommels – and thus aims at the Egyptian billionaire Nassef Sawiris (Adidas) and on the Russians Alexei Mordashov (Tui). Theodor Fontane comes to mind: “Where there is a lot of money, there is always a ghost.”

With regard to the easing of the “lockdown” in Germany, Christian Drosten criticizes that there are now “free interpretations” of the easing and a lot of imagination in the economy.

If Germany is happy about the easing of the “lockdown”, the man, who has been a for weeks Virologist of the Republic occurs – as reliable as the Schäffler, who turn at noon at the carillon in front of Munich City Hall. He regrets very much these days, “that we are perhaps just about to completely lose our lead in Germany,” warns Christian Drosten from the Charité. One has to ask oneself “whether all of this still makes sense,” he says with a view to the reopened shopping malls.

There would now be “free interpretations” of the easing everywhere and a lot fantasy in the economy, Drosten said, and it would not surprise him if a situation arises in May or June “that we can no longer control”. Perhaps the Germans no longer follow the Warner as usual, but they still appreciate him: for his NDR-Podcast “The Corona Virus Update” has been nominated for the Grimme Online Award, Information category.

In his current studies, psychologist Stephan Grünewald is experiencing a political dichotomy among the people.

What does corona mean for the psyche of the Germans? I spent a long time discussing this with the psychologist Stephan Grünewald entertained, head of the Rheingold Institute and member of the Corona Expert Council of the NRW state government. He is actually experiencing one in his current studies political division in the people, he says: Some wanted a variant “Söder plus”, that is, a “leader” who is even more assertive and rules through more clearly, like Markus Söder So in Bavaria. The others, on the other hand, think that the lockdown limits deprivation of liberty, you need more open dealings and more Personal responsibility. This is where the prime minister comes in Armin Laschet from NRW, “the type of moderating politician who takes citizens with him and includes all risks.”

The climate in the Grand coalition had recently become rougher again. The initial one Magic the common fight against corona seemed to have evaporated. But now the tops of union and SPD at her meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel a coup: because of the corona crisis, you lift that Short-time work allowance at. Now it is no longer 60 and 67 percent of the last income, but much higher rates.

The aid payment should increase to up to 80 percent and for parents up to 87 percent, staggered according to the duration of the benefit. More than 700,000 companies have already registered short-time work in Germany – the new benefit will probably be the one Opinion values per Union.

It’s been a bit since the lingerie brand “Victoria’s Secret” hip and was an ornament of the parent company L Brands. That was before “Metoo” and “Body Shaming”. However, even the resale of the former cult company has burst. Financial investor Sycamore Partners Bang on Fall ends the February 2005 takeover of 55 percent of the capital for $ 525 million.

To run the business back, the refugees have one legal action filed with a Delaware court. Justification: Because L brands The deal was null and void in the corona crisis, when several branches were closed, staff was on leave, and rent payments were suspended. The former owner of “Victoria’s Secret” sees it completely differently and in turn thumps it up Performance of the contract. The old wisdom “Sex Sells” seems to be overridden in this dispute.

Abigail Disney is upset that entertainment company Walt Disney has taken more than a hundred thousand low-income workers to its parks.

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And then there is Abigail Disney, Descendant of the famous American cartoon clan without influence, but with opinion. The granddaughter of Walt Disney’s brother Roy is upset that the entertainment company more than a hundred thousand low earners on vacation in his parks after the managers got lavish bonuses and the shareholders got a nice dividend. “What the actual F *** ?????”, tweeted Mrs. Disney and criticized the company for not caring about its workers. Earlier she had the salary of the one who left in February Ex-CEO Bob Iger (2019: $ 47.5 million) labeled “crazy” – it was 911 times higher than the average salary for all employees.

I wish you a harmonious day on which everything will hopefully be worthwhile for you.

Greetings to you warmly

Hans-Jürgen Jakobs
Senior editor

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