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The asteroid “Cleopatra” and her children in space, the first amazing scenes .. video

A team of scientists was able to obtain the best images of one of the strangest asteroids observed in space, because of its strange shape that has puzzled scientists for decades since its first discovery, according to the agency “Sputnik”..

Astronomers have captured new images of asteroid “216 .” Kleopatra “, one of the strangest planets observed in space because of its very strange shape, which was likened to “dog bone”“.

The astronomers were hired from the Institute of “SET” in California, and the Institute of Astronomy in Marseille, France, with a telescope (VLT) The Great European Southern Observatory, to capture very clear pictures of the strange planet “Cleopatra 216”, and it was spotted clearly and very exciting..

The asteroid was first discovered on April 10, 1880, when it was observed revolving in an orbit located between Jupiter and Mars..

Although it was discovered in the past, it was not clearly seen on radars until 20 years ago, as it appeared in a very strange way that had not been previously observed in the space world, which was likened to “the bone of a dog.”“.

And in 2018, astronomer Frank Marches and his colleagues discovered that this asteroid was orbiting two moons: “AlexHelios” (Alexander Helios) and“CleoSelene” (Cleopatra Selene II), the names of the sons of the most famous Egyptian queen in the world, Cleopatra.

Frank Marches, who led a long study on the asteroid published in the Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics, confirmed that (aanda)Cleopatra is a very unique body in our solar system“.

The scientist noted that science is making remarkable progress today in the field of monitoring anomalies and strange cases in space, noting that this asteroid is one of these very strange cases in this mysterious world..

Using high-contrast exoplanet research, the Marchis team identified (SPHERE) Observed through telescope images between 2017-2019, to determine the width of the asteroid at about 168 miles, or about 270 km..

The team of scientists was able to create a three-dimensional view of the body that appeared in the form of a “dog bone”, as they found that one end of this bone is larger than the other, and the neck of the asteroid Cleopatra appeared clearly in space..

The team was able to answer a question that has puzzled scientists since the discovery of the asteroid; What happened with the moons of Cleopatra? A second study, also published in the Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics, used the recorded observations to find the correct orbits of the moons.

Studies have shown that the moons were not where they were previously thought to be, but they are about 35% closer than they previously thought, according to the website. “mixed science”.

“This problem had to be solved. Because if the orbits of these moons were wrong, then everything would be wrong, including Cleopatra’s mass,” said astronomer Miroslav Pros, of Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, who led the previous study.“.

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