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The best movies, series, books and museums to enjoy at home



How far is the human being able to go in an extreme position, such as an alien abduction or, why not, a pandemic? Surely they have heard of the old prisoner’s dilemma (the one that places us before the dilemma of cooperating and earning a little while we all win, or betraying and earning a lot at the expense of others). And I do not doubt that an ethics teacher has ever irritated you with the other, much more tragic dilemma, of the tram without brakes and before two forking roads (to run over a child, for example, or to run over our grandfather). I do not follow.Circle(on Netflix) is a nice (and cruel) experiment that I invite you to watch right afterThe holeand that all these uncertainties stand up.Aaron Hann and Mario Miscione put a group of people to vote. Everything very democratic. Yes, they have to decide who dies. And who is saved. It is time to reflect on who we are and on the system that we have given ourselves. It is not a great movie, but very timely.


It aired on Sunday and is now available onRTVE A la carte. We keep thinking about who we are and how we got here, but this time from the hand of the lucid documentary by Alberto Bermejo and David Herranz animated by the no less enlightened words of the Socratic and post-Socratic thinker Emilio Lled.


And to complete the reflection on where we are, nothing better than to go to the reading thatCosta-GavrasFilmin offers the European scar in the unsuccessful rescue of Greece. Go back to the same thing?



The adventures ofLargest curmudgeon on television, Larry David, have reached their tenth season on HBO with the creator ofSeinfeldin top form. His outgoing comments continue to make people laugh and make them laugh and are nourished in this installment of the bad press of Trumpism: Larry decides to get in the first chapter with one of the red caps that the followers of the president wear with the sloganMake America Great Againand its effects in heavily Democratic California are as instantaneous as they are grinding. With Jon Hamm and Laverne Cox as stellar guests.


The premise ofHigh MaintenanceIt is very simple:a camel rides his bike through New York City carrying his clients marijuana. Each chapter is independent and functions as a small vignette portraying the almost always tiny homes of the Big Apple and its more or less eccentric tenants. The only thing that doesn’t change is The Guy, the delivery guy, with his grass-filled backpack on his back, trying not to get run over. Basically, getting high is the least of it in this series about busy urbanites who need to disconnect. The fourth season has just premiered on HBO with a cameo by Ira Glass in the first episode.


In Movistar you can see the fourth season of thisspin offfrom the lawyer seriesThe Good Wife. Set in the Trump era,The Good FightIt is starring the lawyer Diane Lockart, a wonderful Christine Baranski who can only be a fan of.



In the late 1970s, when only the first network and the UHF existed, journalist Joaqun Soler Serrano premiered a television program about, by and from the writers. It lasted more than an hour. The guests could smoke, drink and be quiet. Then there is no need for the show. A television was still in itself. That material led to one of the best literary archives of Spanish television. And it’s still thereTo the letterby RTVE. Conversations with Borges, Rosa Chacel, Julio Cortzar, Mario Vargas Llosa, Dal, Juan Carlos Onetti, Juan Rulfo, Josep Pla, Francisco Umbral or Gonzalo Torrente Ballester, among others. An anthology of lucidity and, also, of eccentricities.


The initiative that promotes #YoMeQuedoEnCasaLeyendo brings together dozens of publishers that make some of their catalogs available to readers for the duration of their confinement. Among the seals that embrace this initiative areQueterni, which proposes five books on Japan and its culture, includingSamuri stories.


It isone of the most ambitious, comprehensive and surprising digital libraries. For 30 days he has opened his funds. An opportunity for those who enjoy reading in English, mainly. In its vast repertoire are the most important classical works, as well as magazines of all genres and period and audiobooks where you can enjoy the voices of excellent interpreters giving life to some extraordinary novels of recent decades.



The new Berlin National Galley ofMies van der Rohe(1962) is the closest thing to a Parthenn that the 20th century left us. A little piece of geometric and idealized beauty that had been closed since 2015. That year began the first restoration of its history, a meticulous and lengthy process led by David Chipperfield whose delivery has once again been postponed by the Covid-19. The good part: the museum has arranged a page that allows you to move around the empty building, just as Mies must have seen.


Somehow, the coronavirus caught the National Archaeological Museum with its homework done. The13,000 piecesof his collection are inventoried and available to the public since before the emergency. The strategy to put all those treasures in the showcase of the great world emptiness is rather ludic. Thus, MAN has launched a call for drawings and artistic creations that reinterpret the treasures of its collection, starting with the Lady of Elche.


Committed, collaborative, ecologist, cool, intellectual but accessible, imaginative … The islands / dans / german Olafur Eliasson is the perfect artist for today’s world. His life story has been suspended at the Guggenheim in Bilbao, which offers the expected and generous version on the web. And his new work,Sometimes the river is the bridgehe’s on his way to Tokyo. By the way: the road (from Hamburg to Japan) and its carbon footprint are the real work here and Eliasson documents it on his website.

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