The Biennial of Art collects works of great social and political wealth


The Casa de Cultura de Girona, a nerve center of cultural activity in the city, already has everything ready for the Biennial exhibition of Art 2019. The great art exhibition can be seen in its rooms starting From December 13 until February 22 of next year, and this is one of the great samples of the year. This will be the tenth edition of the Biennial that shows, according to its organizers, "the diversity of forms and sensitivities of a selection of artists from different origins of Catalonia, who have participated in the call for this year and have been chosen by a specialized jury, of between 130 participants. His works are representative of the different currents of plastic arts and practices framed within the concept of contemporary visual arts ».

One of the attractions is that you can see the winning piece that is titled In Limbus Melita, by artist Roser Caminal. In addition, a dozen more artists will accompany the exhibition with their corresponding works. In particular, they will be: Second attempt, by Albert Gironès; The integrity of speech, by Marla Jacarilla; False Horizon line, by Llorenç Ugas; Between resistance and truthfulness, by Jordi Mitjà; Pretend, by Irene Visa; Spanish Chronovisor, by Simon Contra; Other traceability principles, Azahara Cerezo; The Plotera 13.05.2015 (Triptych), by Jordi Morell; Visual agreements, by Xavi Bové, i Stony, by Isabel Banal. According to the organizers, "most of the selected works have a high load of social and political reflection" and refer to current issues.

Also coinciding with the tenth edition, it is wanted to do a memory exercise since the Biennial is an initiative that was born 30 years ago, so that the exhibition will also receive the works that won those of previous editions: artists like Àlex Nogué (2017), Quico Estivill (2015), Manel Bayo (2013), Job Ramos (2010), Núria Güell (2008), Xavier Escribà and Pep Aymerich (winners ex aequo in 2006), Pedro Saralegui (1993), Begoña Egurbide (1991) and Gabriel Sanz (1989) will also be present in this edition, which makes it special.

The exhibition will be located on the ground floor of the Casa de Cultura and can be visited from Tuesday to Friday, from 11 am to 8 pm, and on Saturdays, from 11 am to 6 pm, while the holidays will be closed.

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