The billboard resurrects the terror of Annabelle and the black humor of Campanella


The diabolic doll Annabelle returns to make theirs in 'Anabelle returns home', which opens Friday in theaters with the return of the Oscar-winning Juan José Campanella with 'The tale of the weasels', a black comedy with nostalgic tints starring by Graciela Borges and Clara Lago.

Annabelle returns home

Awaken the evil spirits

The most famous diabolical doll of the cinema, Annabelle, returns in its third installment to terrorize the marriage formed by the demonologists Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) and Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson) who, determined to avoid their ravages, keep it in a showcase blessed by a priest, but the doll manages to awaken the evil spirits. 'Annabelle returns home', from the universe 'Warren Records', is the debut in the direction of Gay Dauberman, screenwriter of the two previous installments of Annabelle.

The tale of the weasels

Nostalgia, according to Campanella

Ten years after receiving the Oscar for 'El secreto de sus ojos', the Argentinean Juan José Campanella returns to the cinema with actors of the hand of Graciela Borges, Oscar Martínez, Luis Brandoni, Marcos Mundstock (Les Luthiers) and Clara Lake.

In this black comedy, a veteran actress from the golden age of cinema, an actor in the twilight of her life, a frustrated scriptwriter and an old director will face the possible sale of the mansion where they have spent all their lives and two young flatterers with dark intentions.

The never seen

Migration to recover Spain emptied

Fuentejuela de Arriba is an almost uninhabited mountain village that sees its hope revive when a group of Africans appears in the middle of the snow. The villagers will have to confront their racism and prejudices and work with them so that the village continues to exist. Carmen Machi, Pepón Nieto, Jon Kortajarena and Paco Tous star in Marina Seresesky's first comedy.


A cheat quiet for McConaughey and Hathaway

The peaceful waters of a Caribbean enclave are the setting in which Baker Dill (Matthew McConaughey) lives quietly fishing, until his ex-wife Karen (Anne Hathaway) reappears to ask her to kill her new and violent husband. The unleashed thriller promises unexpected final twist in this film directed and written by Steven Knight.

Diego Maradona

The life of the myth: poverty, success, women and drugs

More than two hours of footage serve the British Asif Kapadia (director of 'Amy') to tell the life and career of 'Diego Maradona' in his time in Naples. The documentary transcends the sports chronicle and shows the process of conversion to an indisputable myth.

Wild Rose

The difficult decision between family or success

After leaving prison, Rose-Lynn Harlan (Jessie Buckley) wants to resume her dream of becoming a country star, but she must also take care of her two children. The young woman will be in the difficult position of choosing between family or professional success in this musical drama directed by the British Tom Harper.

An impossible love

Frustration for classism

In the 50s, the modest clerk Rachel (Virginie Efira) falls in love with the bourgeois Philippe (Niels Schneider) and from that love a girl is born, which Rachel will have to take care of herself, since social differences frustrate her love in this film of the French Catherine Corsini.


The perfect body is possible and dangerous

The Catalan Jordi Arencón criticizes the extreme cult to beauty with this absurd comedy about two car drivers who get lost during a competition and discover the Center for the Technification of Beauty, an establishment that seeks to perfect the physique.

Life without Sara Amat

Difficulties for a young man in love

Laura Jou debuts with the adaptation of Pep Puig's adolescent novel, the story of a boy completely in love with a girl from his grandparents' village. This disappears one summer night without a trace and appears in the room of Pep, who from that moment will lead a double life to hide it and satisfy their desires.


A documentary to understand life in the Sahara

Eloy Domínguez Serén portrays a group of friends who live in a refugee camp in the Sahara and who use the power of creativity and fun to denounce the reality that surrounds them.

Qué León (A crazy pod)

A 'Romeo and Juliet' at pod rate

The Puerto Rican singer Ozuna stars, along with Clarissa Molina, a romantic comedy in which they play two young people of different classes, whose parents join forces to separate them.

An Accidental Studio

The feat of George Harrison, in the cinema

'The Life of Brian', the mythical film of the Monthy Python, was the springboard for the British producer HandMade Films, owned by Beatle George Harrison, whose tour is reviewed in the documentary 'An Accidental Studio'.

Super 30

The mathematical genius that never forgot its roots

'Super 30' narrates the life of the mathematical genius Anand Kumar, a young man from India who, to take education to the interior of the country, undertook the program 'Super 30', with which he trained children for the entrance examination to the Institute of Technology of India.

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