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The bodies of Covid-19 were exchanged in Malang, here’s the chronology

Malang (beritajatim.com) – Viral videos on social media occurred between the family of the body and the Covid-19 protocol review officer. In the video the recorder mentions that the bodies were wrong or they were confused, which made the family furious and attacked the officers. The incident was at Kasin TPU, Malang City, on Thursday (28/1/2021).

Head of the UPT Management of Public Cemeteries in Malang City, Takroni Akbar, confirmed the incident. He confirmed that there was a body that was carried out by the PSC 119 team of the Malang City Health Office. The officers should have brought the body number 4 to be eaten at the Kasin TPU. However, the officers actually brought the body number 6 which should have been buried at the Balearjosari TPU.

“There is, I think it’s just human, my friends are tired too. The previous work was rained on a day and night, so it must be tolerated, so what needs to be addressed wisely, a one-time mistake should not spoil the struggle that lasted almost a year, “said Takroni, Friday (29/1/2021).

Meanwhile, the Funeral Coordinator of the PSC 119 Malang City Health Office, Dhana Setiawan said, chronologically at around 14:45 WIB after resting, the funeral team headed for the Corpse Room (KM) of the Saiful Anwar Hospital (RSSA) Malang to retrieve the bodies which will be buried in Sukun Cemetery. This is because there are three bodies that must be buried in turn.

After completing the two bodies for burial, the funeral team returned to KM RSSA to bury the next body. The family with the initials W wants to have queue number 4 after the funeral in Kedungkandang, Karangbesuki, Sukun and Kasin. However, it was postponed to queue number 5 because the funeral team will first finish the funeral in the Sukun area.

“When I arrived there, the family RSSA did not accept it. Because can’t wait. The W family had an argument with members of the funeral, namely Tri Erwanto and Alfa. After being allowed by the Sukun Cemetery TPU team, the family did not want the team to bury the body. They decided to call an ambulance themselves because they were hurt, ”said Dhana.

Even the W family had an argument with a family member named Alfa. He had hit his body against one of the family members of the corpse. This tension was suppressed by police who tried to intervene and eventually the body was brought to the funeral.

Arriving at the funeral, one of the late W’s family members realized that the coffin that was brought was not the body of his family, but the body with the initials S. Unacceptable, the late W’s family finally argued again with the funeral team and beat Alfa.

“Alfa fainted and was rushed to RKZ (RS Panti Waluyo) to get treatment. Then, other members of the funeral team headed to KM RSSA to retrieve W’s body, “said Dhana. [luc/but]


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