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The challenges of Javier Suárez in his arrival to the presidency of the Davivienda bank in 2022

Efrain Forero He will leave the presidency of the bank of ‘La Casita Roja’, as Davivienda is popularly known, as of January 1, 2022. His successor will be the current president of Seguros Bolívar, Javier Suárez.

Forero has been in office for 31 years, during which time he consolidated Davivienda as one of the banks with the largest market share and as the third with the highest profits. In August the figure amounted to $ 686,489 million.

The current president of the entity turned the Savings and Housing Corporation into a bank. In addition, it closed the acquisition of Delta Bolívar in 2000 and Bansuperior in 2006. That same year it integrated Confinanciera, strengthening the financing offer for cargo vehicles and taxis and led the purchase of Bancafé in 2007. The executive, linked to Grupo Bolívar for For more than 40 years, it also led the expansion in the Central American market with the purchase of Hsbc in 2012.

Forero It also lived through the era of digitization, in which five apps were designed for the bank’s different business lines and a website was consolidated. One of the bank’s most relevant digital developments was Daviplata, a platform that already has 13.5 million users.

In line with the bank’s digital transformation, Forero has sealed an alliance with Rappi, for a new 100% virtual financial entity: Rappi Bank.

“Build a financial brand with the highest recognition in Colombia and abroad; designed an image format and innovative value offers with the quality ingredient in the service it provides to its customers; he communicated and reached people with a simple language, which made the connection to the institution attractive for people and companies. The challenge left for the new leader is the continuity in keeping the bank at the service of the people, the customer, strengthening value offers with new products and agile services, through digital channels and with a solid customer service channel. after-sales ”, expressed Wilson Triana, expert and consultant in banking and insurance.

The challenges of the new executive are in line with the strengthening of the operations implemented by the outgoing president. Suárez has been linked to the financial holding company since 1992 and knows the bank’s operations from his position as a member of the Davivienda Board of Directors.

The first major challenge that you will have to take on is the consolidation of Daviplata’s new product and its international expansion.

“Daviplata is a unit within Davivienda, for now, but it has absolutely dedicated teams, independent objectives and this allows us to go faster than the rest of the bank’s business units ”, expressed Margarita Henao, CEO of Daviplata.

This means that the 100% digital platform will start its credit operation under the authorization that Davivienda already has. In addition, Henao affirmed that it will enter the Honduran market in 2022; This is one of Suárez’s first responsibilities in his new position.

But, probably, the biggest challenge for the new executive will be to consolidate Rappi Bank, the neobank product of the alliance between the Colombian startup and the financial institution. Forero announced the emergence of the company in the framework of the most recent banking convention.

Álvaro Carrillo will assume as new president of Seguros Bolívar

Carrillo is an economist from the Universidad del Rosario, with a specialization in Preparation and Evaluation of Investment Projects, a diploma in Cost Analysis and Control from the same institution and a diploma in Banking Management at the Universidad de los Andes. For 30 years he has been linked to Grupo Bolívar. He serves as Corporate Executive Vice President at Davivienda. Six years ago he has been a member of the Board of Directors of Seguros Bolívar. From January 2022 he will occupy the presidential chair of the insurer.


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