The chaos of Crdoba and the 'Tieso de Montoro'


Jess Len, president of the club, carries out a controversial management and there are doubts about the economic viability of his project in the short term.

The president of Crdoba, Jess Len, at a press conference.

TheCordoba is embargoed, that the year ends (in Second B) hangs by a thread and there aredoubts about the economic viabilityFrom a club that does nothing (2015)I played in First, had more than10,000 subscribersand whose president,Jess Len, which enchanted the parish on arrival (2017) but who dropped the costume of Salvador after a few months of passion and vortex, has been baptized by the fans as the squatter. The Cordoba, then,immersed in its ensuing institutional crisis. A historical marked by the pride and incapacity of many leaders.

I'm going to fix everything, Len said inDecember 2018, just one year after his arrival. The club was crawling in Second, some of the players wanted to escape, had passedthree coaches in four monthsby the bench, a ghost sale of the club was uncovered inUkraine,ThebesHe talked about prohibited economic practices, there were open files and threat of decline … Despite everything, Len continued to ensure that the Cordoba was saved. A few months later, on May 12, the team signed their descent to Second B.

Jess Len is aunfathomable and elusive president. At the height of the tradition of somewhat bizarre managers that populate Spanish football. He doesn't have the charisma ofRafael GmezSandokan, nor the point of madness ofRuiz-Mateosnor the acidity ofLendoiro, but it looks a bit like everyone. Plenipotentiary, deaf andangry with press and hobbyincludingprivate on Twitter with insultsto Cordobesistas who questioned their displacements or behavior disorders to journalists for critical articles with their work. What he did not have, nor does he have, is the economic colchn of others.


He himself put a nickname.The Tieso de Montoro. It was his way of responding to the eternal rumors about his lack of liquidity to pay debts and to pay what the club cost him(8.5 million). Born in Montoro, Crdoba, he is a Road, Channel and Port Engineer. I went through Sacyr and Abengoa and then dived alone in the business world, investing in companies with economic difficulties to seek to refloat and revalue them. He was a shareholder of Seville (buying the shares from Del Nido after his entry into prison and reselling them later), and always had Crdoba between eyebrow and eyebrow, with several purchase attempts until, in 2017, after the nefarious management of the previous president,Carlos Gonzlez, could take over the club.

It was a relief to the stands, but soon the darkness returned. With Len arrivedLuis Oliver, nowclaims almost two million. He also owes money to the previous owner, Carlos Gonzlez, who has not received much of the agreed amount for the purchase of his shares. In a sense, Len is occupying a chair that does not belong to him. Thehalf truths and tanglesthey sprout with some naturalness in front of the microphones and the very future of Crdoba to end up deciding in the courts.

At the moment, the club registered on Friday at the last minute in group IV ofSecond Bafter paying the debts with former coaches and soccer players and unlocking the federative rights.But everything in The Arcngel is chaos and improvisation. Although the signings insinuate some head and ambition (Enrique Martnat the controls, exciting turns like that ofJavi Flores, etc …), there are suspicions about the low economic viability of the club in the coming months. Non-payment of payrolls to workers, layoffs, claims from suppliers … and an environment ofLeonist trapisondismthat will be of laughter if it were not for the real risk that a history disappears.

Before the interest of this newspaper to speak with the president, the response was to invite a radio interview where he sent a reassuring message. Cordobesism, far from calming down, continues to intuitdanger in management, and through his peas he is mobilizing to ask Len not to lengthen this agony and leave the club as soon as possible. This Sunday, at home, against the subsidiary of Granada, football starts. It is the only hope.

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