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The cheapest locks won NAF’s bicycle lock test

– We have tested eight standard bicycle locks. The test shows that the most expensive does not necessarily secure the bike the best, says Nils Sødal, senior communications consultant at NAF, in a press release.

The bicycle lock test for NAF offered surprising results. The two best locks were Asaklitt from Clas Ohlson and Kayoba from Jula. The most expensive lock in the test came in last place.

– This shows that you should not necessarily go for the most expensive bike lock, but rather buy two locks to secure the bike as best as possible against theft, Sødal believes.

Bicycle thefts are on the rise

Last year, just over 14,000 bicycle thefts were reported to the insurance companies, figures from Finans Norge show. This is an increase of 16 percent from 2019 and the highest number of bicycle thefts since 2000.

– More and more attractive electric bicycles explain part of the increase. These are attractive to thieves and then it is important to secure them well, says Nils Sødal.

– Use two locks, lock the battery or take it with you to work and home, he continues.

People are worried about bicycle theft

Most bicycle thefts are in Oslo, and in the capital one in two is worried about bicycle theft. This shows a survey Norstat has done for NAF. The same survey shows that 22 percent of those surveyed in Oslo have experienced bicycle theft several times. On a national basis, one in five has experienced bicycle theft once, while 16 per cent have had their bicycle stolen several times.

– The pandemic has gotten more people on the bike seat and many are investing in an expensive electric bike for commuting. To sleep well at night, it is important to secure the bike well and check what your contents insurance covers if you are unlucky and have the bike stolen, concludes Nils Sødal in NAF.


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