The CSU student of San Bernardino diagnosed tuberculosis, hundreds warned of potential exposure

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (KABC) – A student at Cal State San Bernardino has tested positive for tuberculosis and approximately 400 people have come into contact with the individual identified by officials.

County health officers are providing information to the 400 students and employees about e-mail about TB testing. They may have been exposed to some illness between April and August this year.

"While the risk of infection is low, it is important for those identified to take the time to test," said Erin Gustafson, medical director for the Department of Health's Department of Health. Public. "Treatment is available for those who do a positive test."

According to county officials, "TB is a disease that is spread through the air during long, reconstituted and compact contact with a person infected with active TB. TB can be contracted by people who are ill with breathing the illness. without treatment, severe complications can lead to tuberculosis. "

The disease can only be spread by shaking hands with an infected person or even sharing food or toilet seats, officials say.

TB is a disease that is spread from bacteria that mainly affect the lungs. Symptoms include poor coughing, chest pain and blood cough. Treatment is available, but when left untreated there may be serious health conditions or even death.

Further information on TB is available on the CDC website. Further information can be obtained by contacting County Bernard Bernard's In-Transfusion Disease Section at 1-800-722-4794.

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