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The eighth Škoda pupil is named Afriq

Škoda Kamiq WRC? Well, a little. However, given the current nomenclature of Škoda SUVs ending in the letter Q and the reference to the Volkswagen Group’s activities on the African continent, the name Afriq makes sense. 25 pupils of the Škoda Auto Secondary Vocational School are working on the concept together with experts from Škoda Motorsport.

Photo: Škoda Auto

Afriq is already the eighth student car of the Škoda carmaker

However, with the establishment of Škoda Afriq, there is also a certain symbolism – the carmaker is currently taking over the activities of the Volkswagen Group in North Africa. So Afriq is a kind of swallow heralding a new era. The pupils of the apprenticeship participate in the almost complete creation of the car, from the first pencil strokes to hand-made models.

It is already known that the final “model”, which will be made of sheet metal and will have a steering wheel and pedals, will be 4.36 meters long, 1.79 meters wide and the wheelbase will be 2.65 meters. It is a great way to unleash the creative students of the school, where their creativity is guided by the expertise and experience of seasoned lubricators in the field of design, technical development and production, and for the first time in history from the Škoda Motorsport division.

“It’s great to see how much enthusiasm and creativity our students put into this project,” says team leader Zdeněk Stanke. “In cooperation with the masters of professional training, who accompany our students with a high level of personal commitment and work carefully with them on every detail, the project participants implement ideas every year that will surprise even experts. Pupils are always able to give their dream car a unique character. ”

Škoda manages the VW Group’s activities in North Africa

Photo: Škoda Auto

The Škoda Afriq student project refers to a new phase of the Škoda carmaker – it will from now on be in charge of the Volkswagen Group’s activities in North Africa

To a certain extent, the Škoda Afriq symbolizes the growth of the Czech carmaker – just like in India or Russia, Škoda will be in charge of all events of the VW Group for the North African region as well. Specific countries include Algeria, Egypt, Morocco or Tunisia.

The project is part of a corporate strategy called “Next level – Škoda Strategy 2030”, where the imaginary pillars of values ​​are the words Expand, Engage and Explore. In other words, Škoda’s goal is to become the leading European carmaker in India, Russia and now North Africa by 2030.

Skoda brand experience at the Dakar Rally

In 2018, when the 40th annual desert rally took place, a Škoda car also took part in the race, specifically the Kodiaq model – although not as a competitor, but as an accompanying vehicle for the Barth Racing team. And without modifications, in a completely standard design.

In this way, the car managed a journey of almost 10,000 kilometers through Peru, Bolivia and Argentina, where sometimes the altitude was up to 4,500 meters – and at such altitudes, the human body often has something to do. In 2021, even the Škoda 130 LR, a former factory car from the 1980s, took part in the Classic category – the car traveled an incredible 7,600 km across Saudi Arabia.

Every year since 2014, the pupils of the Škoda Auto Secondary Vocational School have been planning, developing and subsequently building a “concept car”. The “student car” project is very unique in the Czech Republic and it is a great preparation for young talents for the future. It often freezes that the car will not go into series production.

At the same time, students gain valuable experience, such as a general overview, teamwork, and last but not least, they learn to learn the course of a design project from start to finish – including the subsequent presentation of the carmaker’s management. The student car is an essential project of the Škoda Academy and today it is practically inseparable from the school that was founded in Mladá Boleslav in 1927.


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