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The Élysée Palace does not rule out reconfiguration in the event of a second epidemic wave after May 11

Édouard Philippe wanted to be both serious and optimistic. At a press conference on the coronavirus on Sunday, the Prime Minister said that “our life, from May 11, it will not be the life before confinement. Not immediately, and probably not for a long time. But as we succeeded in confinement together, we will succeed in deconfinement together“Hoped the Prime Minister.

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Since this speech, the scenario of the return to normal is gradually clarified. Gradual return to school, resumption of worship, reopening of cafes and restaurants … All these questions are currently being studied by the executive, and answers are expected at the end of the month. “We will be there“Promised Édouard Philippe, giving himself two weeks to present a vast plan”in all its details

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“We must not question this effort by a too hasty return”

The famous “second wave“Epidemic, so feared by the French authorities – and already noted in some countries like China or Singapore – is part of the risks. Proof that this hypothesis is taken seriously by the Élysée Palace: the entourage of Emmanuel Macron does not excludetighten the screwBy a possible reconfiguration after May 11. “Everything has to be thought of, including negative scenarios like thisRecognizes an adviser.

The ice is thin and we don’t want to take steps backwards“, Confirmed the President of the Republic, on the sidelines of a trip to Finistère this Wednesday afternoon. “It was an unprecedented effort that was asked of the nation. So we must not question this effort by a too hasty return or a desire to say ‘it’s all behind us’“, Again warned the head of state, from the store” Super U “in the town of Saint-Pol-de-Léon.

Some close to the president compare post-war deconfinement

According to Emmanuel Macron, “containment (…) prevented (the virus) from spreading all over the country” “That’s why you have to be very careful everywhere. And it is true that there may be, on certain subjects, steps that can happen faster in places where the virus has not spread “, He detailed, inviting the French to”keep the elements of caution“And to”keep everything we have learned to do, as long as the virus is in the country“And in Europe.

Anxious to succeed in containing the economic crisis without relaunching the health crisis, the executive therefore decided to give itself time. It must be said that the equation is far from simple. Especially since, to make matters worse, the massive immunization of the population has been ruled out, for lack of a vaccine or viable treatment. Hence this comparison of a close friend of the president, for whom the site of deconfinement is similar to … that of the post-War period.


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