The Envoy says that Sudanese rivals reach a power-sharing agreement


KHARTOUM, the military government in Sudan-Sudan and the democracy movement in the country, including a timetable for transition to civilian rule, has reached a power-sharing agreement, an African Union delegate said early on Friday.

Mohammed el-Hassan Labat said both sides agreed to establish a sovereign consultation which will govern the country for “three years or more.” The sides agreed with five seats for the military and five for civilians with an extra seat going t to civilians with military background.

The upcoming discussion of weeks of political dissatisfaction could have broken since the military President Automatic Omar al-Bashir sent in April.

Discussions took place on a power sharing agreement when security forces left a camp of protest outside the military headquarters in Carthart on 3 June.

The EU and Ethiopia made great efforts to bring the Attorney General and the protestors back to the negotiating table.

Negotiations continued earlier this week, following huge protests last weekend which saw thousands of underwater exhibitors in the streets of Sudan's capitals because of the visitor to the protesters sitting camp. At least 11 people were killed in a fight with security forces, according to protest organizers.

The High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet asked on Wednesday the Sudanese authorities to raise restrictions on the internet and investigate all acts of violence and allegations of excessive use of force.

Over 250 people were killed as the rebellion against al-Bashir was held in December, according to protest organizers. The military interrupted the ruler of the longtime in April, but protesters stayed on the streets, hiding the generalists who intended to abide by some power or to defend an authoritative rule.

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