The essentials of yoga # 9 – The torsion on the ground


The ground torsion posture, or Jathara Parivartanasana (ञठर परिवर्तनासन in Sanskrit), is a toning and relaxing position for the whole body. Twists are yoga postures in which the yogi rotates the spine around its axis. The torsion on the floor is lengthened on the ground and helps soothe the mental and nervous system, stretch the hips and spine while firming the stomach, relieve headaches and clean the digestive organs.

"It's a torsion of the spine that can be dynamic as static," explains Masha Kruglova. To achieve this posture, lie on your back, bend your knees and fold them to the chest and open arms crosswise. Once in place, "swing your legs from side to side following the breathing pattern as many times as you like," says our expert. Try to keep both shoulders on the ground for optimal results. Performing torsional postures helps to detoxify the body and decompress the spine. To practice without moderation, therefore.

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