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The European Parliament and EU Member States agree on a data management law

Such a law was proposed by the European Commission last year.

It aims to foster innovation in the fields of artificial intelligence, medicine and mobility by increasing the use of data.

In the health sector, this data can contribute to better care, promote personalized treatment and help find treatments for rare or chronic diseases.

The law also aims to ensure that citizens retain control over their data. This would also apply to those who provide their data on a voluntary basis.

“It is about creating the right conditions for the reliable sharing of data in accordance with our European values ​​and fundamental rights,” said Margrette Vestagere, Vice-President of the European Commission.

“We are creating a secure environment in which data can be shared between sectors and Member States for the benefit of society and the economy.”

The political agreement on this law must now be approved by the Council of Member States and the plenary of the European Parliament, but these steps are considered a formality.

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