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The expected small SUV is here. Toyota Yaris Cross reveals first Czech awards

Toyota is finally entering the popular small SUV segment in Europe. However, the first pieces of the Yaris Cross will not be available to customers until October.

Toyota is finally launching the pre-sale of the eagerly awaited small SUV Yaris Cross, which first appeared to the world last year. Czech prices start at CZK 435,000. With a hybrid drive, you will pay at least 525,000 crowns for the car.

However, Toyota remains mysterious in terms of specifications or equipment even after the first awards are announced. The customer price list will not be officially published until June, during May the offer will only be mediated by authorized dealers. Customers will then be able to see the car live for the first time in the summer, during a special roadshow. The first pieces of the Yaris Cross will not reach customers until October.

For this reason, we do not yet know the basic engine of the Yaris Cross, but it is expected to use the three-cylinder 1.5 Dynamic Force (92 kW) known from the technically related Yaris hatchback. The available hybrid system will be shared by both cars, and in the case of the Yaris Cross Hybrid, a 1.5-liter three-cylinder will work under the hood, which in combination with the electric motor will provide a system output of 85 kW. For an additional fee, it will be possible to purchase all-wheel drive for small SUVs.

At the time of launch, it will also be possible to purchase the introductory edition of the Premiere, which will be distinguished by a two-tone body, 18-inch wheels or, for example, leather upholstery. A more adventurous character is provided by the Adventure derivative, with a cover under the front bumper and a protective cover at the rear of the car, roof rails, 18-inch wheels or sports seats with leather side panels. Its prices will start at 685,000 crowns. There will also be Active, Comfort and Executive equipment levels.

The Toyota Yaris Cross is a 4,180 mm long car, which is 240 mm longer than the Yaris hatchback using the same technical basis, in the form of the TNGA GA-B platform for small vehicles, thanks to more significant overhangs. It is signed, for example, on an identical wheelbase of 2,560 mm. It is also produced together in Valenciennes, France, but the hatchback will also be produced in Cologne, in the former TPCA.


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