The figures of the biggest plot of corruption of Democracy: 679,412,179.09 euros of money defrauded in the case of the ERE


In total there are 19 convicted people and two acquitted. The figure may seem small for a plot that has taken virtually a decade to resolve in court. But you have to keep in mind that it is only known asPolitical piece, which addresses the responsibilities of the public offices that pergerated and executed the deviation of public funds to avoid all relevant controls. The separate causes are much more prosecuted and will vent the most bizarre aspects, such as the political affiliation of the beneficiaries and the particular expenses of some political charges in prostitution or drugs.

A part of the convicted, as is the case of Manuel Chaves, has been only subject to disqualification for a crime of prevarication; while another group, which also includes former Chairman of the Board Jos Antonio Grin, has been under penalty of disqualification and jail for embezzlement and prevarication.

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