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The first GMC Hummer EV will set off in December, with a range of 529 km

Production has already started and the first people interested in the electric Hummer EV in Edition 1 equipment will see their cars later this year.

Speculation about the revival of the Hummer brand has been circulating on the air for many years, but it was not until October last year that GMC introduced the first prototype of an electric pickup truck called the Hummer EV, which never ceased to amaze with its parameters. Power of up to 1,000 horsepower, acceleration to 96 km / h in less than 4 seconds and all-wheel drive and steering, including the possibility of so-called crab walking sideways.

At that time, the carmaker promised to start production in the autumn of 2021, but in the meantime a number of things happened. Nevertheless, the American carmaker will keep its promise and deliver the first pieces of the Hummer EV in a special Edition 1 version in the coming weeks. That is, before the end of the year.

During yesterday’s virtual call with GM, the brand was to confirm that production of the Hummer EV Edition 1 is already underway and the first pre-customers will receive their cars later this year. The parent company General Motors added that this is the fastest remelting of the prototype into production in the company’s history.

Although the brand has never announced how many customers have pre-ordered the new Hummer EV Edition 1, or how many pieces will be produced. However, she revealed that last November brought the second largest number of orders right after the October premiere. At the same time, President Joe Biden, who sat behind the wheel of the Hummer EV prototype, also visited Factory Zero.

But let’s go back to the Hummer EV Edition 1 electric pick-up itself, or its parameters. Under the hood of the car, there are three electric motors as standard, which offer the highest combined power of around 1000 hp. The car will be able to fire from 0 to 96 km / h in less than 4 seconds, as the carmaker originally promised.


The range, which was confirmed with a value of 329 miles, ie about 529 kilometers, also seems to be solid. In addition, the award-winning SuperCruise assisted steering system is standard, making it easy to travel long distances on the motorway, while in the field, the unique Crab Walk feature can be used to turn both axles one way and sideways.

The GMC Hummer EV in Edition 1 really offers a lot of interesting capabilities and its unique appearance cannot be overlooked. But whoever wanted to be among the first had to pay $ 112,595 (approximately CZK 2.5 million) for Edition 1. Next year, however, the carmaker is going to start production of more affordable versions, which it will only inform about.


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