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The first hydrogen pumps in the Czech Republic are delayed. The opening is postponed to next year

The first three hydrogen filling stations were to be opened in the Czech Republic this year. However, their launch is postponed to the beginning of next year.

At the beginning of this year, we were able to try out the Hyundai Nexo hydrogen SUV on Czech roads, and a few days ago the Toyota Mirai with the same type of alternative drive stopped again in the newsroom. However, both cars have one thing in common – to fill their tanks to the brim, you have to go abroad.

In the Czech Republic, there is currently only one non-public hydrogen filling station in Neratovice, where it is possible to refuel only by prior arrangement and in cooperation with the staff. This is quite limiting, as is the fact that it is an older generation station that operates at a pressure of 350 bar, while the above models “need” a pressure of 700 bar. In practice, this means that you only fill their tanks halfway.

The network of public hydrogen pumps in our country was supposed to start growing this year, the first such places are being created at Benzina pumps in Prague in Barrandov, Brno and Litvínov. Their launch has already been announced by the H2.Live application, which collects information on active and upcoming hydrogen pumps for the given year. However, the above-mentioned trio disappeared some time ago.

The refinery company Orlen Unipetrol has confirmed to our editorial office that it will postpone the planned installation of hydrogen filling racks until next year due to the covid pandemic and limited global distribution capacity.


“Until the end of this year, we planned to offer hydrogen at gas stations in Prague in Barrandov and Litvínov. Although we have done everything we can to make this happen, we are forced to postpone the opening of filling stations to the first quarter of next year. We were informed by our supplier that the supply of the necessary components from the manufacturer in the USA was delayed. Consequently, there is also a delay in the testing process of the technology, which precedes installation and opening, “ explains Pavel Kaidl, spokesman for the Orlen Unipetrol Group, which operates the Benzina Orlen petrol station network.

The good news is that when things get back to normal, it doesn’t end with three hydrogen refills in the Czech Republic. The company also plans to expand the network with additional hydrogen stations in Pilsen and Prague on Mladoboleslavská Street. By 2030, it would like to operate 28 filling stations and two hydrogen distribution centers (in Litvínov and Neratovice), where it will make hydrogen available, inter alia, to rail transport.

In the future, the group wants to offer green, ie emission-free hydrogen at its filling stations. The company has already developed specific plans for its production using electricity from renewable sources.



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