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The first teaser of the movie Monster Hunter

The first teaser of the Monster Hunter project appeared on the Web (most likely, in Russian localization there will be “Monster Hunter”).

Recall that the film will be a film adaptation of the world famous and extremely popular video game, and the inimitable Milla will play the main role in the film Jovovich, which is not the first time to show her acting skills in such projects, remember at least Resident Evil.

Mila Jovovich, frame from the film
Milla Jovovich. Photo: frame from the movie “Resident Evil”

Teaser (you can see it here) clearly hit the Internet ahead of schedule, someone very clever just photographed what is happening on the screen on the smartphone’s camera, and then posted it to the Network.

The plot of the new tape tells about two heroes who came from different worlds, but with one goal – to defeat deadly and powerful monsters.

The main roles were played by Tony Jaa and Milla Jovovich, and the director was Paul Anderson, the spouse of Milla. The release is expected in the fall, if all goes well and cannot be rescheduled due to coronavirus.


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