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The Germans built a police Porsche 911. But the road pirates will not be prosecuted

In addition to the police colors and lighthouses, the Porsche 911 Targa also received a new body kit, stands on new wheels and there are also minor cab modifications.

If you want to customize your car today, you can choose from an inexhaustible number of parts and accessories. However, it is important to realize that some parts may not meet safety standards, may lack proper certifications, and as a result may be dangerous to the driver and his surroundings.

That is why the German tuning company Techart decided to build a unique Porsche 911 Targa 4, dressed in police colors, which should draw attention to the topic of safe and legal tuning accessories.

The car was introduced as part of the Tune it! 2022, which focuses on illegal tuning accessories. The German Ministry of Transport, supported by the German Automobile Repairers Association, the Hankook tire company and other partners, is behind the campaign, which began in 2005.


The aim of the whole event is to promote safe and responsible tuning and to educate customers. And the modified Porsche 911 Targa 4 in police colors can serve as a great example.

The car is equipped with a Techart Aerokit bodykit, which contains, for example, a front spoiler, sill extensions, a wing or a rear diffuser, the development of which took place in a wind tunnel and really has a positive effect on aerodynamics. Thanks to the sports springs, the whole car is also 40 mm lower and thus looks even sportier.

The underbody has black alloy wheels Techart Formula V, fitted with Hankook tires, decorated with a yellow stripe. The entire body bears typical police colors and a compact police beacon is located on the roof arch, complemented by even smaller warning lights in the carbon front hood with the trimmer logo on the underside.

A new sports steering wheel has been added to the cab, which is decorated with a yellow center indicator. There is a perforated cover with a checkerboard decor on the steering wheel rim, door panels, head restraints and the center tunnel. In addition, the controllers also integrated VRZ control into the center console.

The car was created primarily for educational needs, and therefore will be exhibited during the next year as part of various events drawing attention to the topic of safe and legal tuning. The car is now on display at, for example, the Essen Motor Show, which will run until 5 December.


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