The latest police raids detect classic doping products


A week before the road World Cup was held in Yorkshire (England), a month and a half ago, amateur cycling was altered in the underground worlds by a police operation in Asturias. The consumer, environment and doping crimes section of the National Police arrested eleven people (seven in the Principality and four in Madrid) for prohibited drug trafficking in relation to the amateur team Kuota-Construcciones Paulino. Four cyclists were arrested and subsequently released, as well as former Federation President Jorge Luis Montero, Oviedo City Council official Isaac Oviés and sports director Monchi Álvarez. The anti-doping authorities have detected a use and custom that takes shape in the last operations of the agents: cheats return to the classical school, lifelong products that do not expire and that in some cases are no longer sought in the controls and laboratories, which move towards more sophisticated substances. The EPO, the Actovegin, the norditropin version insulin or the old Trigón were part of the medications seized in that operation, which do not differ from some recent ones, such as the so-called Chamberí that was developed in Catalonia, Guadalajara and Valencia and concluded with the sanction of four years to the athlete Ilias Fifa.

The raid in Asturias executed by the Spanish police in coordination with the Community of Police of America (Ameripol) concluded that there was a network of substance trafficking that was supplied in countries of origin of those investigated such as Colombia, Venezuela, Poland, Chile and Belarus .

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In the plot there was an exfederativa that managed a pharmacy in Lugones through his sister, an employee of the City Council of Oviedo that organized sporting events and another allegedly involved in the distribution of material, a part of which was intended for some cyclists of the Kuota set -Constructions Paulino, which has certified its closure.

The agents' biggest surprise in the course of the intervention was the last name of one of the brokers, Armstrong. A patronymic of unfortunate memory in cycling at the first level, since the illustrious owner of the seven Tours that passed between 1999 and 2005 has disappeared from the history books of the French race. Lance Armstrong is now an invisible shadow that never existed and that, to the surprise of the policemen, reappeared in Asturias in relation to doping. There is no link, because the one arrested in September was Thomas Armstrong, a 25-year-old English cyclist who had achieved some triumphs in his category. Colombians Andrés Pérez and Steven Calderón and Belarusian Aleksandr Piasetski were also arrested.

But the most striking thing for those responsible for Spanish anti-doping has been the survival of old products, some of which were believed to be obsolete. Like the Actovegin, the EPO of the poor, undetectable calf plasma in the controls that were already used at the beginning of the century and whose appearance was then a bombshell. Today it is a relic to which athletes return because laboratories have advanced towards other search methods.

The inevitable Eprex, injectable solutions of EPO in pre-filled syringe was found in the Asturian consignment of the discovered floors. A doping classic that in civil life that can only be administered in hospital use for anemic patients in hemodialysis processes, in patients with renal insufficiency and in certain cases of cancer. In sports terms, it is a red blood cell stimulant that provides greater resistance to the body.

As in other operations, insulin appeared. Its effect in sport is to decrease the rate of degradation of muscle tissue, especially if it is mixed with growth hormone. The police also seized trigon, a synthetic corticosteroid with intense anti-inflammatory effect.

The anti-doping authorities detected communications of the plot in which reference was made to two exclusive drugs, expensive and difficult to find in the doping market, such as Aicar and TB500, the new doping of the peptides that was already detected five years ago in Skype operation. During the last Tour, the Dutch newspaper «De Telegraaf» warned about the use of diluted Aicar in drums in the peloton. Aicar is the closest thing to genetic doping, a molecule that modifies muscle fibers without the need for physical activity, improves strength and lowers fat. The TB500 is the compendium of all the benefits that chemistry brings to a cheater athlete: increased strength, muscular development, increased endurance, improved flexibility and pain repair all in one. . (tagsToTranslate) doping (t) old (t) usage


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