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The Latvian women’s football team ends the EC qualification with a loss – LV football – Football

The Latvian national team conceded to Slovakia with 0: 2 (0: 2), which ranks 47th in the FIFA rankings.

The goalkeepers scored both goals in the first half after 11 meters of penalties, Patricia Hmirova stood out in the 8th and 34th minute.

Anastasia Ročāne and Anna Propošina broke the rules in the penalty area, which led to 11 meters.

After Viktorija Zaičikova’s foul in the 82nd minute, Hmirova hit the third 11-meter penalty kick in the game, but this time her shot was blocked by the Latvian goalkeeper Sofja Nesterova.

Kristīne Giržda, Olga Ševcova and Renāte Fedotova could not help the Latvian national team in this game.

In total, 20 footballers from ten different clubs were invited to the national team’s training camp. The largest representation is for “Riga Football School” – seven football players.

It has already been reported that on Thursday, the Latvian national team gave up 0: 7 (0: 5) to a strong Sweden, which ranks high in the FIFA rankings.

In Group F, led by 16 points in six games, Sweden is in first place, but Iceland is three points less, having played one less match. Slovakia has ten points in six matches and Hungary has seven points in seven matches – while the Latvians have been left in eight fights.

It has already been reported that due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) had to cancel the games for the European Championship qualifiers for women in the spring and early June.

The Latvian women’s team led by Matiss was scheduled to play in Slovakia on April 10.

Also, this summer, the previously planned Baltic Cup did not take place, where, in addition to Latvia, the Estonian and Lithuanian national teams also start.

The winners of nine groups and the three best runners-up will qualify for the final tournament in England in 2022.

The mock order has changed in this qualifying cycle. Previously, there was a pre-race round of the race type qualification, in which the Latvian national team remained in the second place several times and a step from entering the main qualifying tournament. From this qualification cycle onwards, the pre-race round has been abolished and all 47 national teams have been divided into nine groups of six or five teams, making the qualification system similar to that of men’s teams over the years. The new competition format means that in the future official qualifying matches for the Latvian national team will take place more often and that there will be more of them.

Latvian women’s soccer team candidates:

goalkeepers – Sofja Nesterova (“Riga Football School”), Marta Lielause, Laura Sinutkina (both – “Metta”);

security guards – Anastasija Ročāne (“Gintra-Universitetas”, Lithuania), Anna Krūmiņa, (“Riga Football School”), Elīza Spruntule (Vestmannaeijar IBV, Iceland), Anna Propošina (“Liepājas FS”), Laura Sondore (Limassol AEL, Cyprus ), Ligita Tumāne (Sassari “Torres”, Italy), Ksenija Nagle (“Riga Football School”);

half-guards – Karlīna Miksone (Westmannaeijar IBV, Iceland), Selga Vitmore (“Riga United Ladies”), Sandra Voitāne (“Meppen”, Germany), Alise Gaiķe (“Super Nova”), Dana Nikitina, Tatiana Balicheva, Victoria Zaičikova, Anastasia Čemirtāne (all – “Riga Football School”);

attackers – Renāte Fedotova (“Super Nova”), Paula Liniņa (“Metta”).


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