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The “longest” experiment in the world is still going on after 94 years | Novelty | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

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94 years have passed since the experiment began in 1927. It is called “the longest lasting experiment in the world” and even won the title of Guinness World Record. The experiment was carried out by the late professor Thomas Thomas, a professor at the University of Queensland in Australia. “Asphalt drip experiment” established by Thomas Parnell.

▲Asphalt drip experiment is still in progress in 1994. (Picture/Retrieved from Wikipedia)

At that time, Professor Thomas Parnell put some asphalt into a sealed funnel. After the funnel seal was cut in 1930, the asphalt also began to flow slowly. Each drop of high-viscosity asphalt took nearly ten years to drip. Into the beaker set below the funnel. The first drop of pitch was dropped in December 1938. Now 94 years have passed, and only 9 drops of pitch have been dripped.

In addition, because the flow rate of asphalt will change due to changes in the surrounding temperature, after the seventh drop of asphalt was dropped, the laboratory began to install air-conditioning, and the temperature was relatively constant, which caused the asphalt to drop for a longer time. In the past, a drop of asphalt was dropped for about 8 In ~9 years, the 8th drop took 12 years and 5 months to drop.

According to the results of the experiment, one can calculate that the viscosity of asphalt is about 100 billion times that of water.At present, the asphalt drip experiment has reached the “third generation.” After the first generation of Professor Parnell who established the experiment passed away in 1949, it was taken over by John May Stone. After Professor Mei Shidong passed away in 2013, he was transferred to the third generation.
The third generation of Andrew White is in charge until now.

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