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The most absurd bank fee is for withdrawals from your own bank’s ATM

The “winning” withdrawal fee from its own bank received 24 percent of the vote. The second place went to the fee for confirming the balance of the loan in order to repay it with twenty percent, and the third place went to the fee for the change by announcing the bank with 19 percent of the vote.

“The results of the survey accurately show the moods of clients who find it absurd to pay for withdrawals from their own bank’s ATM. Precisely because clients no longer pay this fee for new contracts or this fee is not applied by new banks in the market. This fee is all the more absurd because it still survives on the so-called old current account management contracts. Many people do not even know that this fee is paid, but they do not have to if they enter into a new contract, “commented its founder Patrik Nacher.

Although this fee is virtually non-existent for new contracts, it is still paid by tens of thousands of people who have old contracts with their current accounts. It is in these contracts that the fee for withdrawal from an own bank’s ATM also persists. According to the server, UniCredit Bank or ČSOB still collects a fee of five crowns. At the beginning of the voting, Česká spořitelna also collected a fee of five crowns, but canceled this fee during the survey.

The fee for confirming the loan balance in order to repay it, which involves printing one sheet of paper, is up to 500 crowns. The fee can be found in the banks’ tariffs under the term ‘preparation of bank information or confirmation at the client’s own request’. The client will pay CZK 500 for UniCredit Bank, CZK 200 for Moneta, CZK 500 for Raiffeisenbank and CZK 500 for Hypoteční banka, the server said. Banks apologize that paid certificates are issued at the client’s own request. In fact, the client has no choice but to repay the loan early, for example in the case of a real estate sale.

The fee for the change by the bank’s notification is paid, for example, in the event of an extraordinary repayment of part of the mortgage loan.


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