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The most common mistakes when using cosmetic face masks – Beauty – Egoiste

The most important step before applying the mask is skin cleansing, for thorough removal of cosmetics it is recommended to perform a deeper facial skin cleansing using a scrub, emphasizes A. Dārziņa. Clean skin better absorbs the active ingredients of the mask and allows them to penetrate deeper into the pores.

Follow the instructions for use to know if the mask needs to be washed. For example, napkin-type masks do not need to be washed, but all the remaining serum in the décolleté, neck and face should be massaged. These masks are applied to the skin of the face so that the eye and lip area is not affected.

If the mask needs to be washed, it must be done with water. It is important to remember that after washing, the usual care ritual must be performed – toning, applying cream.

These masks are applied from the bottom up, so from the base of the neck to the chin. They should usually be kept for no more than 15 to 30 minutes. During the procedure, it is desirable to lie down so that the facial muscles are not employed. Once the mask has dried on the skin, it must be moistened to remove the mask and removed with a well-moistened cotton ball without rubbing the skin.

In order to maintain the effect of the mask, additional suitable products must be used. For example, if you regularly use a mask to moisturize dry skin, you need an additional moisturizer. It is important to drink enough water to moisturize the skin from the inside.

It should also be borne in mind that masks contain a lot of active substances, so there is no need to use them one by one.

The most common mistakes when using masks

1. The mask does not suit the type and needs of the facial skin.

2. The instructions for use on the mask packaging are not read. If you are told that the mask should be used once a week, this instruction should be followed, because with more frequent use, this mask can be aggressive and intense on the skin.

3. Use of masks on dirty skin.

4. Wrong choice of time of use. Be sure to pay attention to which time of day the mask should be worn, as the duration of exposure to the mask may vary. The active ingredients in night masks can be applied gradually over the night, but disposable napkin-type masks should be used for 10-20 minutes.

5. Frequency of use. It is recommended 1-2 times a week. In order for us to get an idea of ​​the effectiveness of the mask, the skin needs to get used to it. The mask should be used regularly and systematically.

6. Do not use suitable additional products.

7. Use of food instead of face masks. This is not recommended as such products have not been dermatologically tested and do not provide a basic function suitable for every skin care. In addition, they can cause skin reactions, explains the beauty consultant.

Take care of your skin by choosing the most suitable products for it!


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