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The murder of Christian Poucet: the shadow of Doctor Godard

The January 29, 2001, in the morning, Christian Poucet parks at the foot of its offices, in Baillargues, in the suburb of Montpellier. This is where he runs the Confederation for the Defense of Traders and Craftsmen, the CDCA. He goes up to the first floor, greets four employees and returns to his office. Barely seated in his chair, his secretary calls him Pierre Vérot, friend and regional manager of the region Bourgogne.

No sooner has he picked up the phone than Christian Poucet sees appearing in his office, two hooded men armed with guns. Pierre Vérot does not hear fire, but cris and a voice screaming: “We must warn the cops”. Christian Poucet is already dead, when rescue arrive on site. Initial findings indicate that seven balls hit Christian Poucet at close range, in the neck and stomach.

According to witnesses, the two men entered without caring about the employees present and fled in a BMW registered in the Hérault. For the policemen from SRPJ of Montpellier, this death is more like an account settlement rather than political and trade union revenge.

Our guests

Eric Lemasson, producer and documentary maker. Author of the book The assassination of Doctor Godard which established the link between the disappearance in Caen, in 1999, of Dr Yves Godard and his children, and the assassination of Christian Poucet.Alexandra Thumb, daughter of Christian Poucet.

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