The NCAA gives a fair wage bill; for athletes in a letter to Gov. Newsom


The National Athletic Association. warn Gov. Gavin Newsom in Wednesday's letter that state legislation would “unconstitutional” and “harmful” legislation allowing college athletes to pay for their name, image and appearance.

“If the law bill and compulsion for NCAA 58 California schools unrestricted scheme permits name, image and similarity, the critical distinction between college and professional athletics would be deleted and, as it gives those schools an unfair recruitment advantage, it would t they were not able to compete in the NCAA competitions, ”said the letter.

The letter was signed by NCAA President Mark Emmert and 21 other members of the board of governors of the organization.

The State Assembly passed the passing bill, previously named the Fair Pay for Play Act, by Monday 72-0 vote. It is expected that the Senate of the state, which approved a previous version of the 31-4 bill, will resume it as early as Wednesday.

Lekers LeBron James's star hit back against the NCAA's letter on social media.

“Or… because of this bill, you can work with everyone to create a national policy that is fair to athletes,” said James with over 43 million people.

The bill, which would come into effect on January 1, 2023, would prevent the NCAA university from barring competition if its athletes were compensated for their name, their image or their image use. The NCAA rules prevent practice.

“This bill would end this essential aspect of fairness and equal treatment which is the cornerstone of college sport,” said the letter.

Emmert sent a letter to state legislators in June warning of severe consequences if the bill is successful. However, it appeared that the transfer would provide support for the legislation. Before the Assembly voted on Monday, the legislators sent the NCAA towards the horror they believed was a threat to California.

The NCAA wants to get more time for a working group formed earlier this year to examine the name, image and issue.

“NCAA member schools are already working on changing rules so that each student-athlete uses their name, imagination and appearance appropriately according to our values ​​- but not paying them play, ”said the letter to Newsom.


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