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The Need for Foods with Skin Friendly Antioxidants

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Nutritionist Arti Indira provides several recommendations for foods that contain antioxidant so that skin health is maintained and beautiful, healthy, balanced, and can complement the efficacy of the series of skin care used.

“Tidak perlu cari makanan yang susah-susah. Misalnya kita googling yang disarankan golongan beri, itu agak susah dapatnya di Indonesia. Padahal antioksidan ini ada di banyak bahan makanan asal Indonesia juga, seperti nenas, jeruk, dan sayuran hijau,” kata dokter spesialis gizi lulusan FKUI ini.

Ia menambahkan antioksidan alami biasanya terdapat pada bahan makanan yang mengandung vitamin A, C, dan E. Ada juga pada bahan makanan yang mengandung polifenol, seperti golongan teh, baik teh hitam maupun hijau.

“Tidak perlu ketat atau bingung karena itu ada di konsumsi makanan sehari-hari,” kata Arti.

Antioxidants are good substances for the body because they can counteract free radical particles that often damage body cells, even DNA, so that it becomes a potential chronic disease. Free radicals also target and damage skin health. So, it is not uncommon for people who lack antioxidants to experience premature aging and skin conditions that are dull and look unhealthy.

Regular consumption of antioxidants reduces the potential for exposure to free radicals and to be more optimal, one must also avoid smoking or drinking alcohol which is a source of free radical particles. In addition to keeping your body protected through natural antioxidants, you can also maintain healthy skin by using a series of skin care products that contain ingredients rich in antioxidants. For example, serum retinol or vitamin C, so that the skin can be protected optimally and remain in excellent health.

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