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NWhen you put the new Motorola Razr in your hands, you feel fifteen years younger. If you did not own the original, you knew someone who let them fold. So here in London hands-on for European journalists is the first action that one makes with the new Motorola Razr, what actually make all colleagues here, the first time the new model 2019 in the hand have: open and close ,

Marco Dettweiler

Camera, display, performance, processing play no role in foldable smartphones on first try. It was the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the Huawei Mate X, and so it is the Motorola Razr. What's special about the Razr? The crucial difference to the first two foldable smartphones, of which only one is on the market, consists in the arrangement of the screen parts. In fact, the Motorola Razr can be held in one hand, opened with your thumb – and, above all, unfolded upwards.

Intuitively, you push your thumb between the gap – which is not that easy – and then snap the upper part upwards. This works, as soon as you have your thumb in the barely existing gap, quite well, it takes little strength in the thumb. Then of course the first view of the fold applies on the 6.2-inch area in 21: 9 format. The Samsung Fold is clearly recognizable, as well as the Mate X. Compared to the other one does not see the fold. The screen is a homogeneous surface. However, the plastic material is recognizable insofar as it is not as smooth as the glass of normal smartphones.

The Motorola Razr in folded condition.


That's the power of the engineers. Every foldable smartphone has a structural problem to solve. The screen, so the multi-layer plastic, is slightly longer in the unfolded state than the inner frame of the housing. Otherwise it would come too much pressure when closing and eventually break or warp. Therefore, at Samsung a slight dent and at Huawei a minimal increase can be seen.

Motorola has solved the problem so that the fold when folding pushes itself into a niche in the housing, in which lays the film of the screen. In the graphic, the fold looks like a drop from the side. Only there on the side sits the hinge. At the top of the case the screen is fixed. When unfolding, the screen slides a bit at the bottom, which you can not see because it disappears into the thicker end. He pops up, so to speak.

With flaps to the little ones

The highlight of the Razr is thus different than the competition. When Fold and Mate X is from an already great smartphone a much larger. It is approaching the size of a tablet. The Razr is the other way round. It has lush dimensions when unfolded: the screen is then 6.2 inches tall. But this display size reach the top models in the XL version of Samsung, Huawei or Apple loose. But the Razr can make itself small by folding. So there is a completely different idea in the design here.

Like the Samsung Fold, the Razr has a mini-display with 2.7 inches on the front when folded. The ad is enough to read the most important thing. During the hands-on there was little movement in the news, so that only in the test will be seen for what actions the small screen is good. The Samsung Fold was often criticized that the mini-display is too small and you are forced to frequent unfolding. For this one could use all apps.

Motorola has decided on the Razr to allow only certain actions. For example, messages can be viewed and read, the songs in Spotify can be paused or skipped – or missed calls are visible. If you start the camera and open, the Razr is already in camera mode.

Upper middle class processor

The choice of the processor surprises something. In fact, one would expect a Qualcomm Snapdragon from the 800 family, such as the currently fastest 855, to work as a system-on-a-chip. But it has become the Snapdragon 710. It is not as powerful as the 845 or 855, but has enough performance to power the Razr. So in the hour in which we had the new Motorola in hand, the smartphone was fluid to use. We could not try games or the like. That would have to be checked again in the test, which comes in January.

An advantage of the "weaker" processor, however, is that it consumes less energy. And since the battery is tight at 2650 milliamps, it could become important if the smartphone is to remain active for a full day.

A camera for two perspectives

A good camera must not be missing in high-end smartphones. How good she is will also be determined in the test. By the way, the user has a camera for selfie and taking pictures of objects in front of his eyes. If the device is closed, the camera is responsible for selfie, the mini-screen controls whether everything is right.

If you want to take a normal photo, you open the Razr, and the 16-megapixel camera becomes the main camera. For video telephony is still a 5-megapixel camera available, which is integrated on the large screen.

The Razr comes with almost pure Android 9. The price: 1600 euros. This makes it cheaper than the Samsung Fold with 2100 euros. Among other things, there is a kind of passive docking station in which you can put the Razr in order to hear the music even louder.

Who does Motorola appeal to with this product? All those who want a big screen but do not like the smartphone filling or peeking out the whole pocket. And all those who wanted to be cool even then, by pulling the phone out of his pocket to open with a snap the Razr. That could work again fifteen years later.

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