The Next Side Fails to Return


A new era for The The Side Side, Gary Larson is the newspaper strip coming.

During the weekend, viewers noted that a new cartoon and message had been updated on the official strip website: “Rare, unrealistic, and (without delay). New era of online The Long Side coming!"

The cartoon, drawn by Larson, which showed a man with an open flame, melting an ice block containing many of the recognized girls of the Iron Age: cow, dog, cave man, child and woman.

The site The Daily Cartoonist tweeted under the updated website Friday, and the A.V. It is also mentioned by Club.

The A strip was held initially from January 1, 1980, until January 1, 1995. At that time, a cultural phenomenon only emerged on the side panel. The collections were best sellers and the strips were used for calendars and greeting cards and decorative coffee mugs and T-shirts. When Larson announced the Side Side industry was estimated to have introduced $ 500 million in October 1994 during its run.


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