The Neymar case tides Barça


Trying to close one of the most important signings in the recent history of football when the two main clubs can not be seen is not easy. For this reason, Paris Saint-Germain and Barça spent weeks sending messages about Neymar, but not face-to-face, but using represented as intermediaries, such as the Israeli Pini Zahavi or Brazilian André Cury . Barça sources, however, admit that at times, in this series that began before the summer, they had the feeling of losing time, because they received contradictory messages from the French about the players that could enter into this operation. If one week they said they had no interest in Philippe Coutinho – which would act as a currency of change -, the following saw it differently.

Leonardo has come to suggest to the Barça managers that the PSG negotiates because it does not have much more options, but that in the end prefers that no agreement be closed. An opinion that, curiously, some Barça managers share, that they would not see with bad eyes negotiate and that no agreement could be reached. This hypothesis, although it may seem rocambolesca, would allow the two entities to justify themselves before the players and the fans arguing that they have done everything possible to close the agreement.

With the closed Premier League market, Barça knows that there have been very few outings to send Coutinho this summer. The Brazilian, the most expensive signing in the history of the club, has not had a few minutes in the team's friendly team and knows that he has been cornered by a first team with Messi, Suárez, Griezmann and Dembélé ahead. Barça's intention is to give it to a club willing to pay the salary, whether or not Neymar arrives. And one of the few outputs that remain open is that of Bayern, with whom a transfer would be negotiating that would allow space, both sports and economic, to Neymar.

The Bavarian club wanted to sign Leroy Sané, a Manchester City player, but Germany seriously injured the Community Shield and Bayern was forced to study other options. From the Blaugrana club it is admitted that the departure of Coutinho has become the priority – before the arrival of Neymar -, since the economic area warns of the need to pay less salaries to avoid possible economic sanctions.

And thinking about a scenario that only Coutinho walks but Neymar does not come. Because from within the club different voices, both executives and executives, have warned of the economic danger of signing the PSG player. But President Josep Maria Bartomeu, who internally only has the explicit support of a small group of the board, continues to work in this operation, which does have the approval of the heavyweights of the clothing, great advocates of a possible return of Neymar , football player who stars in the last Champions won by the club in 2015. Without going any further, last week, Gerard Piqué publicly acknowledged that they spoke with Neymar of his hypothetical return. In addition, Bartomeu has been conditioned by the arrival of Real Madrid in this operation. Knowing the predisposition of the PSG to sell, the club that presides over Florentino Perez has returned to get in the middle to try to get a contract that is denied since 2011. Less than two years of the elections to Can Barça, and although Bartomeu can not return to present, the president does not want to hear about the possibility that Neymar end up wearing white and triumph at the Bernabéu. If this happened, the success options of the continuing board would be significantly reduced.

If Coutinho is going, surrendered or sold, Barça still need to stop paying the salary of other soccer players to balance their project if they close the return of former Santos footballer. At this point the hypothetical exit of midfielder Ivan Rakitic or even from the Ousmane Dembélé end is strengthened, football players who could well finish off PSG or other clubs. Although the options are reduced, because there are only three weeks left to close the summer market.

In Paris, in fact, the scene is becoming increasingly clear. The PSG will come Neymar this summer. On Sunday the fans present at the Prince's Park in the match of the first day of the French league insulted the Brazilian, indignant after seeing how he hands and sleeves to give up. In the club's official store, the products disappear with the face of a soccer player who has received messages from both his ex-team members of Barça and soccer players from Real Madrid to try to seduce him.

The PSG wants to sell it to the white club, but from Santiago Bernabéu it is costing them to carry out the operation, since Neymar only has eyes returning to Barça. The PSG, then, could be forced to negotiate with Barça an operation that he did not want to do, but that could be a better solution than a Neymar who has lost the support of the fans.



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