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The Origin of the Mysterious Sound of the Universe Begins to Be Revealed


It’s been a long time mysterious voice in the universe is an interesting question for scientists. Now, scientists are starting to see a bright spot. It was likely that the voice came from a major event that had occurred.

Launch Science Alert, Saturday (15/1/2022) the event could mean events related to black holes or the merger of neutron stars, supernovas and so on. It should have sent gravitational waves ringing across space-time.

The combined effect of all these waves is to create buzzing sound that permeates the entire universe. This gravitational wave background is predicted to be weak and very difficult to detect. However, a year ago, scientists with the international NanoGRAV collaboration said they might have done just that.

“This is a very interesting signal!” said astrophysicist Siyuan Chen of the Observatory of Paris and CNRS in France.

“Although we don’t have definitive evidence yet, we may be starting to detect gravitational background waves.”

As explained last year, the signal comes from observations of a type of dead star called a pulsar. These are neutron stars that emit a beam of radio waves from their poles as they spin at the speed of milliseconds (much like a blender in a kitchen).

Definite, mysterious voice also affected by spatial distance. If the signal is too weak, it’s probably because of the great distance. However, scientists are still looking for other signals that can be obtained from different sources. This was revealed by astrophysicist Boris Goncharov of the Gran Sasso Science Institute in Italy.

“For example, perhaps it could result from noise present in the individual pulsar data that may have been modeled incorrectly in our analysis,” he said.

That means much more research is needed before we can definitively claim the origin of the mysterious sound in the universe. However, the most likely source at this time is a collision between several objects in the universe such as a supermassive black hole.

“Detection gravitational waves from binary populations of large black holes or from other cosmic sources will give us unprecedented insight into how galaxies form and grow, or the cosmological processes that occur in the infant universe,” explains astrophysicist Alberto Vecchio of the University of Birmingham in the UK. the team has published in the Royal Astronomical Society.

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