«The Prado is the great cultural institution of this country»


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The Prado Museum She has celebrated her two centuries of life with an exceptional guest. The Queen inaugurated at noon today the splendid exhibition of drawings by Goya, which closes the exhibition program of the bicentennial of the art gallery. Although the commemorative events will not end until December 15: it is expected that on the 13th, 14th and 15th of next month there will be open days. Doña Letizia was accompanied on her visit by the acting Minister of Culture, José Guirao; the elected deputy Ana Pastor; the president of the Board of Trustees and the director of the Prado, Javier Solana and Miguel Falomir, respectively; and the curators of the exhibition, José Manuel Matilla and Manuela Mena, who explained to the Queen the many virtues that make Goya one of the great artists of the History of Art, and of this exhibition, an event. Speaking to Telemadrid, the Queen said that the Prado is «the great cultural institution of this country»And described Goya's exhibition as" magnificent ", reports Efe.

Last night, the museum received another guest of honor, the Mexican tenor Javier Camarena, who sang, before a few privileged, "Of the most subtle hair", by Fernando Obradors, accompanied to the piano by Patricia Barton. But the emotion went off when Camarena, this time with a Mariachi, dedicated to the museum «Las mañanitas». Javier Solana sang the notes of this famous traditional song, while more than one tear fell down the cheeks of some museum workers. A small great recital with which the Royal Theater, another great bicentennial cultural institution of our country, and the tenor, who these days rehearses in Madrid the opera "Il pirata", by Bellini, wanted to join the Prado's birthday. An exceptional gift for an exceptional occasion.

Museum troika

Mikhail Piotrovsky, an entire institution and director of one of the world's most outstanding museums, the St. Petersburg Hermitage, congratulated the Prado, through Efe, for its bicentennial: «I congratulate our brother museum For his 200th birthday. And I congratulate all the Spanish people and everyone for that magnificent museum. We have much in common and many ties that unite us. In Russia the Prado is the museum preferred by the Russians, more than any other. And I know that in Spain the Hermitage is much appreciated. The Prado is a model of how a museum should be developed in the 21st century. What is it about the world changing? The troika remains the same: Prado, Hermitage and Louvre».

Although it is already 200 years old, the Prado is spirit young and dedicates a lot of effort to your website and social networks. No wonder, then, that Google He joined the celebration yesterday, dedicating his doodle to the Prado. And the followers of the official accounts Instagram, Twitter and Facebook from the museum they could enjoy an animated video that explains in a playful way the history of the Prado. And, as it is well born to be grateful, not only did the museum receive gifts on his birthday. He also wanted to be generous with those who have been with him. And so, in the Hall of the Muses a very subtle panel has been installed with the name of the main benefactors that the Prado has had in its history.



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