The Ravens grow in a drastic clay


The time is there for the first truly drastic shakeup at the top of the weekly NFL Power Ranking Post page.

Lamar Jackson and the Ravens were already defeated by two other 5 top teams (New England and Seattle) in their previous three matches, but the Houston Saturday vaults were shining at the best spot in the series, before the Patriots and 49s.

Among the nine teams recorded at 6-4 or 5-5, the Cowboys have moved back to the top 10 as they draw on the NFC East lead.

1. Ravens Ravens, 8-2 (Last week: 4): There have been six straight games reached by the Hunting Radio since the 2-2 season was opened, the longest streak since 2000. Jackson's wondrous fourth place in the NFL in an inactive rating and 10th in the league's yard yard in a possible campaign MVP. Mark Ingram, led by Jackson and the backup, Baltimore is also the only team in the series with an average of more than 200 yards per game on the ground (203.8), with San Francisco just at 149.

2. New Patriots of England, 9-1 (1): Tom Brady is not satisfied with the disturbing offense of the recent Patriots; Julian Edelman spent more striking this week against Philadelphia than the legendary fourth racing. Bill Belichick is still protected at least, with the smallest points and yards per game allowed in the series, but he will be tested this week against Dallas and the league's main share (445 yards per game).

3. San Francisco 49ers, 9-1 (2):
Jimmy Garoppolo and Niners wanted to overcome 16 points to defeat Arizona to defeat, the biggest victory they had since 2011. The next three matches against Green Bay, Baltimore and New Orleans, the first ranking, are likely to determine whether San Francisco can quit Seattle and capture its first West NFC crown from 2012.

Lamar Jackson
Lamar JacksonGetty Images

4. Seahawks Seattle, 8-2 (3): Pete Carroll's team had a week after reaching the 49s in overtime last Monday night. MVP Jackson's main competition, Russell Wilson, should have a reputation for Sunday's game against the Eagles. He is in charge of the NFL with 23 landing pass and 114.9 best passer rating in a profession.

5. Green Bay Packers, 8-2 (5): The Packers are also coming from their usual weeks, and a buoyant Sunday night against the Niners could put them in charge of the top seed in the NFC. Like Wilson, there are only two interventions worn by Aaron Rodgers this season. Aaron Jones is still back with Christian McCaffrey Carolina for the 14-lane landing lead.

6. New Orleans Saint, 8-2 (6): Drew Brees changed that nice from a terrible loss the previous week to Atlanta with a strong trip against Tampa Bay, and defended the Saints four pick against Jameis Winston. Broad receiver These are the biggest receptions in NFL (94) history by Michael Thomas through 10 games, and he's going for speed for a 150 league record with a home game against Carolina up Sunday.

7. Minnesota, 8-3 (7): Kirk Cousins ​​led Minnesota back from a 20 point hole against Denver to stay on the heels of the idle Green Bay in North NFC. The Vikings can get into ordinary connection even though they are not playing this week, if the Packers miss in San Francisco. Dalvin Cook was only 26 yards against the Broncos, but he put over 1,000 (1,017) first on his career.

8. Chief Executives of Kansas City, 7-4 (9):
The CEOs would slide behind Oakland in the West AFC to lose Monday night with the Bears in Mexico City, but Patrick Mahomes turned third quarter passes to Travis Kelce and the K.C. protection from Philip Rivers was selected four times – including in the last zone with 18 seconds remaining – in peak 24-17. Andy Reid's team gets a free week to prepare for a critical section show with the Raiders in Week 13 at Arrowhead.

9. Buffalo Bills, 7-3 (10): t Josh Allen and the Bills remained in a wild card controversy by AFC through losing teams each season, including his second win over Miami Sunday. They need to take care of Denver (3-7) this week, with games against Dallas, Baltimore, Pittsburgh and New England coming to the next four weeks. Only the Patriots and the 49ers allowed fewer points and less rod per game this season than Buffalo.

10. Dallas Cowboys, 6-4 (11):
Dak Prescott, and Ezekiel Elliott, has not emerged as a focal point in Dallas's top-class offense, seeking rivets 3,221 yards (speed 5,154) with a 104.1 passer rating as Cowboys grabbed one lead of any game above the their Eagles in the East of the NFC. We can see what Dak can do this week against the defense given by the Patriots, giving four TDs a chance for 19 matches through 10 games.

11. Oakland Raiders, 6-4 (14)

12. Houston Texans, 6-4 (8)

13. Los Angeles Rams, 6-4 (13)

Dak Prescott
Dak PrescottGetty Images

14. Indianapolis Colts, 6-4 (15)

15. Philadelphia Eagles, 5-5 (12)

16. Carolina Panthers, 5-5 (16)

17. Pittsburgh Steelers, 5-5 (17)

18. Tennessee Titans, 5-5 (18) t

19. Jacksonville Jaguars, 4-6 (21)

20. Cleveland Browns, 4-6 (24)

21. Chicago Bears, 4-6 (19)

22. Los Angeles Chargers, 4-7 (22)

23. Detroit Lions, 3-6-1 (20)

24. Falcons Atlanta, 3-7 (27)

25. Arizona Cardinals, 3-7-1 (23)

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 3-7 (25)

27. Denver Broncos, 3-7 (26)

28. Jets, 3-7 (29): t Adam Gase's contribution, which Sam Darnold is against, is two weeks in a row, though against two teams below the Jet in these prestigious ratings – the Giants and Redskins. Jamal Adams also supported her complexity with excellent safety play. This opponent, Oakland, won three row under Jon Gruden to enter the AFC's playoff picture.

29. Giants, 2-8 (30): The Giants are back from their downstairs week after reaching their terrible loss to the jets, and Pat Shurmur, who is sitting in the hottest, hopes that the QB rookie of Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley in particular can make a strong start. finish in Chicago this week.

30. Miami dolphins, 2-8 (28)

31. Washington Redskins, 1-9 (31)

32. Cincinnati Bengals, 0-10 (32)

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