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The relationship between EA and FIFA is very close to breaking down

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The end of an era? It seems so, because 28 years after the debut of FIFA International Soccer, The relationship between Electronic Arts and the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) is about to come to an end, closing one of the most successful stories in the history of video games. For months, there has been speculation about the refusal of both parties to renew the agreement that gave rise to the franchise and recently an EA manager anticipated that things will change.

EA and FIFA are nowhere near breaking relations

During an interview with the Financial Times (via Gamingbolt), David Jackson, head of the EA FIFA brand, confirmed that there is no future certainty about what will happen to the soccer video game franchise and pointed out that it is not far from reality to think that the company will continue with the IP but with another name and the changes that are necessary in case there is no renewal of the agreement between both parties.

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EA thinks that the millions of fans of FIFA they will follow you with their new IP and concept

At the same time, Jackson stated that EA has full confidence in what they have accomplished over all these years with FIFA, forming a base of millions of users, and they do not consider that there is a problem if the decision is made to use another name and concept. It should be remembered that EA already anticipated this possibility by registering the name EA Sports FC in the United Kingdom and the European Union, a name that many consider the next to be the franchise.

The EA executive ended his statement by mentioning that at this time, the relationship between EA and FIFA has become very tense and according to his words, it is almost a fact that FIFA it will no longer be a product of the video game company.

So far, it is known that the current agreement between EA and FIFA extends until 2022, so it would be possible that we see a FIFA 23However, the dispute between the company and the soccer federation is getting bigger and bigger. In that sense, it should be noted that FIFA demanded billions of dollars as a requirement to renew the agreement, something to which EA refused. Then, FIFA issued a statement in which it considered that EA should not be the only one to control and publish official football games, which added to the tensions

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