The road from Joaquin Phoenix to the Oscar is fraught with pitfalls


Good news for fans of superheroes. One of them will finally be present at the Oscars 2020. Without doubt Robert Downey Jr, even if fans ofAvengers and Marvel are mobilizing to see the interpreter of the very smooth Iron Man access an appointment and have launched a petition in this direction. But surely Joaquin Phoenix. His staggering performance under the Joker's sad clown makeup has been rife with praise since Todd Phillips' film was awarded at the Venice Film Festival. On the lagoon, eight minutes of applause followed his preview.

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Already nominated three times at the Oscars for her roles in Gladiator, Walk The Line and HerJoaquin Phoenix is ​​guaranteed to land a fourth best actor award. His total makeover at the Daniel Day Lewis is one that is loved by nearly 10,000 members of the Academy of Oscars. Joaquin Phoenix lost fifteen pounds to play Batman's sworn enemy. He isolated himself during the shooting to live the experience of pariah of his character. And practically only spoke to his director. Joaquin Phoenix wears the film on his shoulders through his monologues, fleeting moments of poetry where he sketches some dance steps and appears as possessed …

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The bias of Todd Phillips who designed his Joker as the descent of a being in madness pleads in his favor. Character study that claims his references to the cult movies of Martin Scorsese Taxi Driver and The waltz of the puppets, the feature film plays the card of hyperrealism. It has very little special effects and Gotham is transformed into the twinnies of the New York dilapidated 1980s. Joker is against the green screens and gaudy images of Marvel and Aquaman and Wonder Woman from DC. Joker is disconnected from the previous films and from the extended universe of DC.

Joker [VOST] [Trailer] – Watch on Figaro Live

The shadow of Heath Ledger

From there to give Joaquin Phoenix of course the Oscar that he deserves so much, here is a step that no one yet passes in Hollywood. Starting with the specialized press. Even if she tries hard to honor the movies that have dominated the box office, the Academy that has put off its Oscar-winning popular film projects, does not like superheroes. Black Panther It was certainly in 2019 in the running for the best film, but none of its actors has collected a quote. The only comedian to have overcome this curse is Heath Ledger for, already, an insane interpretation of the Joker in The Dark Knight Christopher Nolan. The actor had posthumously won the statuette for the best supporting role. Could the Academy reward twice the same role?

Live room release

The Joker is the same Achilles heel of Joaquin Phoenix. The controversy engendered by the ultraviolence of his antihero, caught in an anarchic and deadly frenzy, arouses reticence within the Academy. "Can we still distinguish in 2019 such a character in an era where mass shootings are omnipresent", wonders Variety according to who "Some voters fear that a Phoenix victory will be interpreted as an endorsement of the unleashing of the character".

On condition of anonymity, The Hollywood Reporter interviewed about twenty members of the electoral body of the Oscars. All salute the talent and conviction of Joaquin Phoenix. But many are uncomfortable with several scenes of the film and wonder about the message of the film. "Warner did an exceptional job. They used the superheroic genre as a Trojan horse to offer this dizzying descent into darkness to Darren Aronofsky, Lars von Trier. ", commented a producer. "But I do not know if there is substance to what the film tries to say. This is the first time a feature film is too dark for me. "

The exit of Joker across the Atlantic has not been done in a serene climate. Cinemas have banned costumes and masks dreadful of shootings like those that took place in 2012 in Colorado in one of the cinemas in the city of Aurora that projected the last Batman of Nolan. Relatives of the 12 victims have asked Warner to donate to associations that support survivors of gun violence.

Serious competitors

And alternatives to Joaquin Phoenix are numerous. The competition is tough. If Joaquin Phoenix is ​​nominated in the category best actor, his opponents to beat will in all likelihood Leonardo DiCaprio in actor on the decline in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood of Quentin Tarantino, Adam Driver father bruised by his divorce in Marriage Story, and Robert de Niro, Joaquin Phoenix's own partner in Joker. Prodigious in The Irishman of Martin Scorsese, the icon of Raging Bull should be back in the Dolby Theater's bays.

Today, the darling of the predictions for the Best Actor Oscar is Adam Driver and even if Marriage Story by Noah Baumbach will be broadcast on Netflix. Joaquin Phoenix only comes second. The balance of power will take a concrete turn at the beginning of January 2020. The Golden Globes ceremony will open the season of prizes and will sweeten the first winners of this marathon of red carpets, statuettes and speeches of thanks that will culminate on February 9 with the 92nd edition of the Oscars.


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