The Salzburg Festival supports Domingo and maintains its performance on August 25


The president of the Salzburg Festival, Helga Rabl-Stadler, backed Placido Domingo on Tuesday, accused by nine women of sexual harassment, and confirmed that the Spanish tenor will perform there, as planned, on August 25 and 31 at the opera of Verdi "Luisa Miller".

"I have known Plácido Domingo for more than 25 years. From the beginning he has impressed me, along with his artistic ability, his respectful ways with all the workers of the Festival," says Rabl-Stadler

The president points out that Plácido Domingo "knows all the names, from the doorman to the secretary (of the Festival) and thanks every little help." "If the accusations against him had also occurred at the Festival headquarters, I would have known for sure," he adds.

As a trained jurist, Rabl-Stadler stresses that the principle of "in dubio pro reo" always applies to her, a Latin phrase expresses the principle that in the absence of evidence, the accused should be favored.

"I consider it objectively incorrect and humanly irresponsible to take a final judgment at this time and make decisions on that basis," said the head of the Festival on Sunday's performance at Luisa Miller on August 25.

The artistic director (of the Festival), Markus Hinterhäuser, the commercial director, Lukas Crepaz, and she herself agree that Plácido Domingo will sing, as planned, in Luisa Miller at the 2019 Festival, concludes the statement signed by the president.

Festival sources have explained that Domingo is not in Salzburg at the moment.

The Salzburg Summer Festival, one of the most prestigious in Europe, has a long artistic relationship with Plácido Domingo, which lasts more than half a century.

Precisely last year Sunday reached an unprecedented record in the history of the Opera in Salzburg, giving life to its 150 character with Zurga in The Pearl Fishers of Bizet.

The AP agency published this morning a report with testimonies of nine women (eight singers and a dancer), who accuse the tenor of 78 years of sexual harassment, allegedly happened in the last 30 years.

Domingo responded to these accusations by underlining that he believed "always" that all his "relations" with women were "welcome and consensual," and considered the accusations against him "inaccurate."

"I recognize that the norms and standards of today are very different today than they were in the past. I am fortunate and privileged to have a career of more than 50 years in opera and I will maintain the highest standards," adds the artist. , director of the Opera of the Angels


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