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The series of double doubles by J.Valančiūnas was terminated by a Montenegrin invited by A.Karnišovas

The first two halves of the match did not highlight the advantage of either team and ended in a draw, but after the break, the Grizzlies attack machine was established, which became the most important highlight of this match.

The second part of the game started with Jonas Valančiūnas’ colon and although on the other side of the field the “bulls” answered with the same value, after another guest attack, in which Ja Morantas scored a three-pointer, Billy Donovan, who felt dangerous, asked for a meeting just a minute later.

The break of the fruit minute did not bring the hosts – the Grizzlies, who broke out ahead, soon sped forward and took the lead in this match for the rest of the time. The hero of the third quarter of the guests became Dillon Brooks, who scored 15 points during the quarter and improved the personal performance record of the season (32 points).

The Memphis club maintained a double-digit advantage throughout the meeting, reaching 20 points at a time, and recorded the 28th win this season.

The winners made just 5 mistakes, and even after that they returned to the defense in a very exemplary way – the Bulls did not earn a single point after the mistakes of their opponents and this is the first time in the history of the “grizzly” team, when the 1996-1997 season more detailed NBA statistics.

Prior to this meeting, Jonas Valančiūnas had collected as many as 16 double doubles in a row, but the rival, Nikola Vucevičius, managed to end this series.

Nevertheless, the Utena team still found himself among the team leaders – in 31 minutes he scored 16 points (6/8 dvit., 1/2 trit., 1/1 penalty), rebounded 7 balls, made 5 assists, never made a mistake, offended only once and had the best +/- score in the team (+17).

5 effective passes – the best result of the season is repeated.

It will be recalled that the JV has already recorded 40 doubles this season and improved on last season’s record (39).

The numbers of the Lithuanian direct opponent are a bit more solid. In exchange for a high-rise landing in Chicago from Montenegro in 32 min. scored 24 points, grabbed 14 balls, made 6 assists, but the victory was small.

The Bulls team in Memphis defeated for the second time in the last five days, which was emphasized by the winning men after the victory. coach Taylor Yenkins.

“It simply came to our notice then. Beating the same team a second time a week is definitely not easy. The rivals gave us a serious test and we passed it, “said the strategist.

The Grizzlies are currently ranked 8th in the Western Conference and the Bulls in the East are 11th.

„Chicago Bulls“: Coby White 27 (7th ed.), Nikola Vucevičius 24 (14th ed., 6th ed.), Thaddeus Young 17 (2nd ed.), Troy Brown Jr. and Denzel Valentine after 11.

„Memphis Grizzlies“: Dillon Brooks 32, Jonas Valančiūnas 16 (Rev. 7, Rev. 5), Ja Morantas 15 (Rev. 7, Rev. 5), Xavier Tillman 14, Grayson Allen 11, Tyus Jones 10 ( 7 res.).

Other night results:

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Detroit Pistons – Oklahoma City Thunder 110: 104 (Jackson 29 / Dort 26);

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„Minnesota Timberwolves“ – „Miami Heat“ 119:111 (K-A.Townsas 24 / J.Butleris 30);

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