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The silver cashier for teenagers from Arizona was shot by a police officer in California



Officer Hannah Williams was killed by Fullerton officer in early July (Photo: Courtesy of the Williams Family)

Hannah Williams was 17 years old when she was after a fatal shooting after a replica gun was communicated by Fullerton police officer on a major Southern California road at about 7 p.m. on 5 July.

The family friend Christopher Bellamy and his wife organized a fundraiser on Saturday evenings in Nevitt Park in the Phoenix to raise money for the Williams family, who were close friends. He described Hannah as a very sweet girl.

Hannah was born and raised in Arizona, but her family moved to California during the last year, where she worked as a lifeguard at Knott's Berry Farm, according to Christopher Bellamy, family friend.

Hannah's family placed the Thursday Thursday in Tempe underground, and they are still looking for answers.

"I can't believe that this would happen to them," Bellamy said. Hannah's father has known him since he was young, and his grandmother taught him at school. "They're just … that's not the kind of people you would expect this to happen. They were just wonderful people."

“They are just … the kind of people you wouldn't expect this to happen. They were just wonderful people. ”

Christopher Bellamy, a friend of the Williams family

The shooting took place because a K9 officer was taking a dog to a veterinarian for injuries sustained during a call in advance. SUV urged the official, asking him to initiate traffic stop, Fullerton police spokesman Lt. Jon Radus, in a video placed on the department's YouTube page.

The vehicle seemed to collide with the official's car before going into emerging traffic and stopped, Radus said.

Chief Police Officer Fullerton, Bob Dunn, has said that three separate investigations are taking place in the light of the shooting.

The family lawyer, S. Lee Merritt, updated the case on social media: Firstly, he and the family encouraged people to call Orange County District Solicitor's Office for the release of footage of a body camera. Last Friday, partly from the pressure of the public, according to a post on Instagram the lawyer.

A video posted on Fullerton's Police Department YouTube page shows the officer's body-footage of things that happened. When Hannah's officer stopped van, she went out with something that was like a handgun, and the officer shot her twice in the chest and once in the foot. She died from her injuries.

When Hannah wasn't working as a lifeguard at Knott's Berry Farm, she would work voluntarily with the kids. (Photo: Courtesy of the Wililams family)

"From what they saw, he didn't handle the procedures properly," Bellamy said on the body's footage.

Merritt said earlier on social media that Hannah appeared to have had a mental health crisis.

Merritt I told an Instagram post that the official was not behaving according to proper procedure. Williams seems to have planned this adventure in an attempt to end their own lives, ”he said. “Last year Hannah had a lot of experience… At this event, however, Hannah seemed to be doing very well and her family believed she was on her way to recovery. She did not. "

The solicitor also added that Hannah seemed to want to end her life through the police confrontation. “If an appropriate policing procedure was followed, it should not be successful,” he wrote. “Hannah's action revealed she was confrontational and it could be dangerous. Any patrol officer will advise you that specific policies and procedures are to be followed to ensure such safety, to ensure the safety of the public and even the safety of the suspect.

Merritt filed $ 25 million against Fullerton, according to The Associated Press.

Bellamy said that Hannah was voluntary with the children, and her father, Benson Williams, was very proud of her and her brothers. "Her father is just the nicest person. I don't think he could even create an enemy, and his mom is also amazing," he said.

Hannah "was a star of the family," said Merritt in Instagram post.

Hannah was in high school when she died. She was hoping to join the Air Force when she graduated – just like her big sister, Nyla.

GoFundMe rose to the family $ 13,345 since its establishment three days after the shooting.

The family are looking for answers as to why this happened.

"I think they are taking legal acts," Bellamy said.

After asking her views, Hannah's father did not confirm his next steps, saying that his family was not ready to talk to the press about what had happened to their daughter.

He said, however, in a Facebook post he is not yet great.

Reporter BrieAnna J. Frank contributed to this report.

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