The Society of Authors, Directors and Producers proposes the suspension of Roman Polanski


The Civil Society of Authors Directors Producers (ARP), which brings together more than 200 filmmakers, said Monday that it could suspend from its ranks the director Roman Polanski. In a statement, the organization said it "strongly supports all victims of violence" and said it decided "today to make a strong commitment to support the fight for the rights of victims, including sexual assault". .

The ARP's Board of Directors voted to set up new suspension procedures for any member indicted by the courts, and exclusion for any sentenced member, especially for offenses of a sexual nature.

"This change of status will be proposed to the members and finally voted at the next General Assembly.This suspension would concern Roman Polanski, whose judicial information is still open in the United States and for which it was put under review, "said the PRA.

If the ARP does not consider itself to be "a director of conscience, who would arrogate the right to tell viewers what works to see or not to see" or "a court or media platform designating an artist to the popular and numerical retaliation "she emphasizes that" the sector must conduct an introspective examination, and take strong actions to prevent these serious acts and support the victims in their approach ".

A new accusation against Polanski

The decision of the ARP comes a few days after the release of the new film by Roman Polanski, marked by the publication in The Parisian a new charge of sexual violence against the director. The photographer Valentine Monnier thus assured that the director beat her and raped her in Gstaad in 1975.

The filmmaker, accused by five women in total, denies the facts. According to the Bern Canton Prosecutor's Office, on which Gstaad depends, these alleged facts are prescribed. Roman Polanski is not threatened by a potential exclusion from PRA. On the other hand, if the proposal is validated by the General Assembly next spring, it would pave the way for a suspension. According to Agence France-Presse (AFP), Roman Polanski, in fact, fled the United States in 1978 and is still facing prosecution for illegal sex with a minor.

The world of cinema has also been recently marked by the strong testimony of the actress Adèle Haenel against the director Christophe Ruggiathat she accuses of touching and sexual harassment when she was a minor.


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