The sound of the day # 398: sorcerer like Women in the Royal Court


Impossible to clearly distinguish the face of the musicians on the cover of Women in the Royal Court, mini-album recorded in a week in the Red Bull Studios of Paris. The reflection of the two DJs, activists of the Parisian electronic scene and militant feminists, arises there in the waves of troubled water. Result of a secret collaboration (the two artists have preferred not to reveal their identity), these two pieces venture strangely to the confines of techno.

Unstructured walks in a cave teeming with percussion, they evoke a trip aboard a ghost train. At the bend of a long gallery saturated with whispers and electronic rustling, distant cries of bats pierce the darkness. Sensual sighs reveal hungry vampires, the incomprehensible incantations of an assembly of witches. More than in a Parisian club, these two pieces take us to a rave party in the moonlight and may remind the regulars of a certain collective festival in the Jura mountains where the storm in summer, one day, had continued to growl. To others, we propose to imagine it.

(Techno (t)) DJ (t) EP (t) Percussions (t) Festival (t) Vampire (t) Storm (t) Bats (t) Summer (t) Feminist (t) Moonlight (tToTranslate) t) Sabbat (t) Red Bull (t) Jura (t) Ghost train (t) Paris (t) Rave party (t) news (t) news


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